Упаковка без морской воды, кремовые морепродукты, Живая рыба

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Product Name
Red Sea Urchin
Model Number
Brand Name
Kyusyu Fish
Place of Origin

Freshly processed red sea urchin, packed with or without sea water. Creamy and very rich in flavour, it melts in your mouth. Tasty by itself, but it also goes very well with various kinds of food.

According to your requests, we can do Ikejime (strike live goods), Shinkeinuki, (nerve extraction), blood removal, scale-off,gilled, gutted, head-off, tail-off, fillet, sliced, wrapping with special paper, vacuum packed, blast freezing etc. When we treatfish, we use 5℃ water and then electorysed sanitising water to keep its quality at best. We are well-versed with export packing to keep live goods alive and maintain high quaility over the flight journey.

We send you photo and information of market availability on the day of shipment using social media tools on real time. Deploying our specialists both day and night time, we are alwasy ready to communicate closely with you about the details of your requests at any time. Please feel free to contact us.

Please contact us at +81 80 8377 2752
Or email us from https://www.toyamatrading.com/

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