Промышленный охладитель 50 тонн, система охлаждения воздуха, Водяной охладитель 50 л.с.

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Product Description

50 tons industrial chiller air cooled chiller system 50hp water chiller

The chiller is divided into two types: Air-cooled chiller and Water-cooled chiller. The chiller is divided into a low-temperature chiller and a normal-temperature chiller in temperature control. The normal temperature is generally controlled the water within the range of 0 to 35 degrees. The temperature control of the cryostat is generally in the range of 0 degrees to minus 45 degrees.

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Application Range.

Plastic industry: Accurately control the mold temperature of various plastic processing.
Electronics industry: Stabilizing the molecular structure inside the production line of electronic components.
Electroplating industry: Control plating temperature, increase the density and smoothness of the plated parts.
Machinery industry: Control the pressure oil temperature of the oil pressure system.
Construction industry: chilled water for concrete.
Vacuum coating: Control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine.
Food industry: Controlling the temperature of fermented foods.
Pharmaceutical industry: Controlling the temperature control of fermented drugs.

Product Details

Normal Type

Stainless steel type

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Protection Measures
1.Alarm for lack of phase and phase error

2.Alarm for pump overload

3.Alarm for compressor overload

4.Alarm for anti-freezing

5.Alarm for compressor high pressure

6.Alarm for compressor low pressure

7.Protection for low water flow velocity

8.Protection for the shutdown due to blower delay


SML-F Series Air-cooled Industrial Chiller.

SML-S Series Water-cooled Industrial Chiller.

Successful cases

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details

Standard export wooden box with free fumigation.

Delivery Time

Shipped in 15 days after payment

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Approach Ri Hong

Zhangjiagang Rihong Machinery Co.,Ltd. factory is located at Zhangjiagang. All the products embrace the strict quality asurance system,with high technology content and goog quality,which are sold to everywhere nationwide smoothly and exported to many counties and regions including the Southeast Asia,America and Russia etc.Our company implements the normalized management,and stengthens our technology development and perfects product quality and provides the quality products and high-quality honest serveces for our extensive customers;

>>>  Legend.

One belief leads one small step forward every day

Looking back to two decades' history, Rihong Machinery has been stepping forward among trials and hardships in a course through both spring of policy environment and winter of financial crisis. It is all obstacles that help create a monument for Rihong Machinery.

>>> Power.

100% efforts create brilliantness

Based on two decades of accumulated strength, with all staff of Rihong Machinery having been working hand in hand with solidarity, Rihong Machinery has rised up taking shape and become the industry leader in equipment, resources, R&D, manufacturing, market coverage and user reputation.

>>> Success.

Centuries foundation based on innovation

Two decades are long, but also short when Rihong Machinery has been always planning ahead, adhering to the constant initiative to change, and actively exploring new technologies and models to become the industry pioneer.

>>> Certificates.

- Famous brand in Jiangsu
- High-tech Industry
- BV & CE & ISO9001 System certification
- Energy-saving Products
- Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprise
- AAA-level Credit Enterprise

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● After finish the production, we will debug the production line, take photos, videos and send them to customers via mail or instant tools
● After the commissioning, we will package the equipment by standard export package for shipment.
● According to the customer's request, we can arrange our engineers to customers' factory to do the installation and training.
● Engineers, sales managers and after-sales service manager will form a after-sales team, online and off line, to follow the customers' project.


● In order to ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with a variety of professional processing equipment and we have accumulated professional processing methods over the past years.
● Each component before assembly needs strictly control by inspecting personnel.
● Each assembly is in charged by a master who has working experience for more than 5 years
●After all the equipment are completed, we will connect all the machines and run the full production line for at least 12 hours to ensure the stable running in customers' factory


● Through Alibaba letter guarantee service, it will ensure the on time delivery and the quality of the equipment you want to buy.
● By letter of credit, you can lock the delivery time easily.
● After the factory visit, You can ensure the facticity of our bank account.

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