Глина монтиллонита кальция для очистки воды пруда

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Product Description

Koi Fish Clay, which is typically montmorillonite clay, is utilized by many koi owners to add crucial minerals and trace elements to water that may be in short supply. In addition to being used to provide nutrients for koi, it is also utilized greatly in the health and beauty industry and have been for centuries, with many modern studies now backing its

It is said the secret to healthy, colorful, Japanese koi is the clay mud in which they are raised. Our calcium montmorillonite koi clay comes from one of the highest calcium clay deposits in the world. Calcium based clay may help your pond water to produce some of the healthiest and deep colored koi you've ever raised (or seen)! The koi's markings will become brighter and more dominant.

Our Advantages

Benefit 1: Water Purification
This Koi Fish Clay helps to clarify pond water. It acts as a natural flocculent, causing suspended particles that cloud pond water
to be bound up and eventually filtered out of the pond, resulting in a ‘polished’ clear pond.

Benefit 2: Improve Koi Health
This Koi Fish Clay will aid digestion and increase the koi’s ability to assimilate the vitamins and minerals they receive in their
diet, boosting their immune system, improving overall health and increasing growth rates, as well as providing them with essential
elements and minerals.

Benefit 3: Detoxification
This Koi Fish Clay, due to its high cationic exchange capacity, can excellently bind organic toxins, aflatoxins in particular,
existed in water and fish. It can also eliminate pollution of heavy metals, drug residues and other toxic elements in the pond.


Basic properties
Our Koi Clay is a high purity calcium montmorillonite clay powder that is used widely throughout the world in koi ponds and water gardens. It adds and replenishes the minerals and trace elements that are found in natural ponds, but missing in rubber lined ponds.

Pale white fine-size powder
95 min
Particle size
MB value
42 min
Colloid index
500 min

Main trace elements
It contains over 60 bio-available minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and iron.

Test result
Arsenic (As)
Lead (Pb)
Cadmium (Cd)
Mercury (Hg)
Molybdenum (Mo)
Zinc (Zn)
Phosphorus (P)
Cobalt (Co)
Nickel (Ni)
Chrome (Cr)
Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe)
Aluminum Al)
Calcium (Ca)
Magnesium (Mg)
*Above testing result is based on actual product sample, but slice different can exist because of different test method and sample protection conditions.


Normally two common methods are followed to use Koi Fish Clay in pond water, either of them are ok. Just choose the one which is more convenient for your actual condition..

1. Mixing Koi Fish Clay With Water
Prior to mixing it into your pond, first mix a small amount, according to the water volume of the pond, into a small container of water, then evenly pour or sprinkle it in to the pond water.

If the pond water is clean and healthy, add 500g clay to 100,000 liters of water pond, double the dosage during first adding.

If the pond water is little polluted or with symptoms of fish illness, add 1000g clay to 100,000 liters of water pond, double the
dosage during first adding.

Use this clay one time per week for consecutive 4 weeks. Stop one week, then use it again. Watch or test the water condition, and
adjust dosage if necessary.

2. Mixing Koi Fish Clay With Food
To incorporate the clay into your koi’s diet, dampen koi food pellets and gently roll them in the clay. Then feed your koi as you normally would.

Do it two or three times per week, and repeat for a consecutive four weeks. Stop one week, then use it again. Watch or test the
water condition, and adjust dosage if necessary.

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

We offer package from 15kg, 25kg, 50kg to 1000kg, from which cusotmers can use them directly or repack to small sacks as they want. If customized package is needed, please consult with us freely. MOQ will be different based on different packages.

Company Profile

About us
Huangshi Yucheng Trading Co., Ltd.is a comprehensive manufacturing and trading company which mainly magages in chemical products, food additives, feed additives and pharmaceutical intermediates. So far, we have established long-term business ties with more than 200 clients in the world. It engages in the self-support and agent and exporting of goods. And please visit our website www.yuchengtrade.com for more details about us.

Super pure Montmorillonite mine
To enhance our business range on animal feed area, we explored high quality montmorillonite mine and developed several popular products based on the mine, such as, feed grade MMT as toxin binder, aquatic grade MMT for fish, shrimp, koi, pharma grade MMT for Smecta, as well as organic MMT for industrial usage.

Welcome all the friends from all walks to our enterprise to establish cooperation relation and we would like to provide superior service to the clients.

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The following are questions normally asked by our customers about this type of Koi Fish Clay. You can also contact us directly to share your opinions.

1. Is your koi clay 100% natural?
Yes, it 100% natural calcium montmorillonite clay, and also 100% save for your fish. It contains zero chemical ingredients.

2. How is the actual function of your koi clay?
Not any montmorillonite clay, or some use bentonite clay, is suitable for koi pond use. Only those with real high purity, such as ours with purity no less than 95%, can work well in the pond. Low quality montmorillonite clay can bring impurities, heavy metals to your pond, with less safe trace elements and weak absorption ability.

3. Is your koi clay safe to use together with probiotics?
Yes, it is safe to use them together. Actually our koi clay can help to fish to assimilate probiotics. There are theories that montmorillonite clay might also absorb some of the probiotics or useful bacterials, but this seems to happen in a very low volume. If you still worry about it, feed the clay and probiotic in different days.

4. How do we start to use your koi clay?
Use it according to dosage instructions when your pond water is still good quality and fish is health. It can help to accelerate koi growth and enhance good color.
When you are facing a bad quality pond water, try to use double or triple of recommended dosage at beginning until water returns to normal condition, then get back to regular dosage.

5. Any other tips to be cared when use this koi clay?
Use this safe koi clay as to instructions, it will bring your surprise after a persisting using.
When you give medicines to your pond, don't use koi clay at the same day.

Contact Information

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