Вертикальный Стандартный противопожарный разбрызгиватель для противопожарных работ

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➷Products Description

★Glass ball closed sprinkler nozzle is the most key components of automatic sprinkler system, used to detect the instrument of fire element, and to control fire and extinguish fire through the automatic water spray device.

★Apply to work environment temperature less than 4 ℃, and is not higher than 70 ℃ in light of the danger level buildings as wet system to fight fire water of the hotel, department stores, restaurants, entertainment, warehouse, hospitals, factories, the airport and the basement automatic sprinkler system such as the pipe network.

This series of ball sprinkler head working principle is filled with high thermal expansion coefficient of organic solution of the glass ball as a heat sensitive components.
At normal temperature, and the glass ball shell we can withstand the support, ensure wards of the seal.
When the fire breaks out temperature, glass ball inside the organic solution happen and generates a lot of thermal pressure inside, until the glass ball shell happen broken, and open water spray nozzle.

This series of ball sprinkle nozzle is made of copper alloy frame, glass ball, seal, glass ball seat, tight set screws and splash water dish wait for assembly and into. Compact structure, shape exquisite and beautiful.
① Nozzle framework USES the high strength copper alloy precision forging, high strength,corrosion resistance.
② Temperature temperature sensing elements (ball) with high quality products at home and abroad, glass ball high strength, reliable, and reaction speed.


① in the buildings inside and use a condole top, the company can provide auxiliary nozzle protection on the disk or decoration.
② when installation shower nozzle should be adopted the company production of form a complete set of special board hands.
③ installation, if found to have leakage, not sealed, the replacement nozzle, forbidden in board hands and casing installation, because install force is too big, can make the nozzle deformation and leak.
④ nozzle installation cannot guarantee seal, please check the pipe threads, if not qualified, please to repair or replace, forbidden to repair the shower nozzle connection threads.
⑤ installation schemes are as follows:

Installation openings two-headed stay wrench:

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Q1: Are you manufacturer?
A: Yes.

Q2: What is the lead time?
A: One week working day.

Q3: How do you ship the goods and how long does it take arrive?
A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or by Air. 3-5 days after payment received.

Q4: Can I have a sample order?
A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.

Q5: Do you offer OEM service?
A: Yes, we can design the things according to your request.

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