PQWT-M100 мобильного телефона подземный детектор воды высокой точности локатор

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Product Description

Are you still troubled to find a suitable drilling point?
Did you understand the groundwater situation before drilling the well?
If yes, then you need this water detector.

We all know that if we fail to select a suitable drilling point, then we will waste a lot of time and cost of material and financial resources.so we need this water detector.

PQWT-M100 Mobile Phone Underground Water Detector App Detect Depth 100m

PQWT-M100.100M mobile water detector is based on the Earth electromagnetic field as the field source, based on the difference in the conductivity of different underground geological structures, and by studying the variation law of the electric field components at different frequencies to study the geological structure and changes, to find groundwater resources by scientific method. Changes in geological structure are displayed in real-time through multiple curves. Automatic form mapping geological profile by one key operate easily, get rid of complicated computer graphics. The site can quickly understand the geological structure through the automatic mapping curve and profile, and analyze specific information such as aquifers, fractures, faults, and caves. The instrument is widely used in the rapid analysis of geological structure changes in different terrains such as plains, hills, mountains, plateaus, and basins to determine well locations, aquifers, and aquifer depth.

PQWT-M100 geophysical prospecting mapping with one button underground water finder utilize the natural electric field as working electromagnetic field source, based on the resistivity differences of  underground rock , ore or groundwater, measure natural electric field on the ground of N different frequencies electric 
field component. According to their different variation to study the abnormal changes which is caused by different 
geological  bodies ,to solve the geological problems of a kind of electrical prospecting method. 
PQWT-M100 natural electric field a key to mapping geophysical prospecting underground water detector is our latest research and  development of products, using a number of patented technologies. The instrument weight is very light to carry easily ,  the measuring line need only 10 meters, one person will be able to complete the operation, saving manpower, full touch  screen, simple operation, external high-capacity memory card, with the function of real-time mapping with only one button, finding high resistance (fault zone), low resistance (such as water, mining census)  through realtime mapping directly display geological abnormal on the measuring site. After data collection by the unique 
built in computing functions, the instrument can automatically draw curve graph and profile map with only one button, 
according to the profile map, you can clearly understand the geological structure and quickly determine the location of 
ore body (seam), hollow (cave), water (aquifer) etc.

Product Features

Main Features
1. No need to register.
2. No need network, no need traffic.
3. Automatically draw geological profile map.
4. Suitable for various terrain exploration.
5. Expert remote assistance to find location.
6. No experience person can operate in 5 minutes/
7. Two-year warranty.

Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
The instrument draws automatically, and the results are displayed.
The profile shows the aquifer and depth.
Remote Assistance given analysis wells.

Product Paramenters

1. Directly automatic forming map in the instrument as soon as complete the measurement! No need transfer measurement data from underground water detector to computer. 
2. Alloy electrode rod and imported cable.
3. This underground water detector has 7 technology and appearance design patents
4. Instrument language support Chinese, English, French and Arabic.
5. We are the leader of geological exploration underground water , mine, cavity and metal detector
6. Our institute has ISO2008:9001, SGS certificate and BV certificate!

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