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Self Defense Keychain Manufacturer Wholesale Tactical Self Defense Tools Window Breaker For Keychain


Product Description

Item Namedefence keychain set 
MOQ20 sets

1. taser keychain

2. pepper spray keychain

3. alarm keychain

4. window braker keychain/glass breaker keychain

5. defence stick keychain

6. kitty keychain

7. key knife keychain

8. lip gloss keychain

9. wristband keychain

10. sanitizer holder keychain

11. pom pom keychain/ fur ball keychain

12. no touch keychain

13. pill box keychain

14. whistle keychain

15. defense pen keychain

16. bottle opener keychain

Color please leave us a message to customize the color
Packgift bag
Sample Time3-7 days excluding holiday
Delivery Time7-15 days excluding holiday, the delivery time depends on your order quantity.
About This Item

  • Keep yourself protected: invest in a smart self defense kit for women, including several useful gadgets to feel safer while you are on the road and deal with any unpleasant and possibly dangerous incidents.

  • Safety alarm: in case you walk alone on a dark highway and feel exposed, our self defense keychain comes with a small alarm that emits a loud sound, so you can grab people's attention and scare away a bad guy or even an aggressive dog.

  • Window breaker: looking for a protection gadget to carry while you are driving? We've got you covered! The self-defense keychain has a breaker attached to it so you can break your vehicle's window and quickly escape in case of an emergency.

  • Stylish yet powerful safety keychain: our self-defense keychain has an ergonomic design so you can easily access any tool and comes in Blue color with a Baby Blue chain, a cute pompom, and a handy wristlet to add a girly elegance to the set.

  • Treat your loved ones to a practical gift: surprise your wife, girlfriend, sister, or best friend with these handy self defense keychain accessories to make them feel more secure while they are away from home.

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One keychain has multiple colors for you to choose

alarm keychain.jpgno touch keychain.jpgbottle opener 1.jpgwhistle keychain.jpgkey knife.jpgfur keychain.jpg

diamon bear keychainenamel tassel bracelet
anti-lost device alarmcomb knife
acrylic door openerdiamon bear keychain
wallettassel wallet bracelet


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