Высококачественный катализатор платины на Карбоне 60% для энергетических элементов PEM, Топливный элемент pem

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Product Description

Great quality platinum on carbon 60% catalyst for PEM energy cells, pem fuel cell

Platinum-carbon catalysts are platinum nanoparticles distributed on the surface of a highly dispersed carbon support.

Thanks to our patented Pt/C catalyst technology, they are characterized by:

- narrow size distribution of platinum nanoparticles

- small average size of nanoparticles

- uniform distribution of particles over the surface of the carbon carrier

- high functional characteristics

The main reactions in which such catalysts are used are:

- Oxygen electroreduction reaction (ORR)

- Methanol oxidation reaction

- Ethanol oxidation reaction

- Hydrogen oxidation reaction

- Various organic reactions

The catalysts are intended for use on the fuel cell cathode

May be designed at the anode of a fuel cell.

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Our Company

'PROMETHEUS R&D' Limited Liability Company

Innovative enterprise of Prometheus RD was created at the end of 2017. The establishment of the company was preceded by 10 years of research experience in the field of electrocatalysts for low-temperature fuel cells.

The main objectives of the company:

- the commercial production of platinum carbon electrocatalysts;

- the development of new catalysts for electrolyzers and low-temperature fuel cells with a polymer membrane - an important component of the rapidly developing hydrogen energy.

Our patented technology is the base of the electrocatalysts production. The intellectual property of an enterprise is protected by patents, as well as by means production technologies in know-how mode.


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