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Product Name
Slimming Tea
Bubble Water
Natural Leaf
Age group
Logo or Brand customized
Hand Made
Key words
Chinese Tea
Tea is one of the world's three largest beverages, known as the emperor of Oriental beverages.After analysis, tea contains caffeine, tannin, tea polyphenols, protein, carbohydrate, free amino acids, chlorophyll, carotene, aromatic oil, vitamin A, vitamin B, C, E and inorganic salts, trace elements and other more than 400 components.China is the hometown of tea, tea as a special beverage in China has a history of thousands of years.
Maintain Beauty And Keep Young
A lot of people like tea, moderate tea is good for the body, because tea contains caffeine, coffee can help refresh, tea also contains vitamin C, vitamin E, especially tea polyphenols, with anti-radiation effect.Helps eliminate dark circles under the eyes.The main causes of dark circles are lack of sleep, excessive eye use, lack of vitamin B12 and so on.Using tea to wrap your eyes is
the simplest and most effective way to eliminate dark circles, which is convenient and economical.
High Quality Product 
Anti-wrinkle tea and sugar beauty treatment
The catechin in tea is a natural antioxidant, which can improve the activity of superoxide dismutase, and is beneficial to the body's scavenging of free radicals and lipid peroxides, thus helping to fight against aging.
Method: after drinking tea, filter out tea dreg, tea dreg and brown sugar each two tablespoons add water boil, add flour to adjust evenly apply a face, after 15 minutes, wipe clean face with wet towel again, the skin after a month can moisturize white and fair.

Using Effects
Helps eliminate acne
tablespoon of flour and 1 egg yolk, mix well and add 1 tablespoon of green tea powder.Apply it evenly on your cleansed face and
wait 20 minutes to wash your face.Still can mix sugar tea soup 1 spoonful and flour 1 spoonful evenly, make it face film 15, after 20 minutes wash a face, can eliminate acne, purify grease.

Tea tree was born in Lingshan, the rain, the sun and the moon shine nourish, Qinghe gas from generation to generation, known as the fairy buds outside the dust.And a tea picked, after rolling, baking, pressing and many other processes, can be ready for people to brew tea.In this sense, the life of tea is tantamount to experiencing a phoenix nirvana, reborn in a faint fragrance.
Best Selling
Company Introduction
Tianjin Crafts Technology LLC specialized in natural beauty stone tool,health care massager tools and decoration products.offer customized products, including jade facial roller,gua sha tool,rose quartz, yoni egg,etc.
Our factory accepts OEM orders for many products and product lines. With up-to-date technology and equipment, good raw materials,as well as low prices, high quality, short delivery time and considerable services.What's more, every production process with pass a strict quality control system. Please believe your order will be with our prefect VIP start-to-finish sales services.
Packing & Delivery
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
Q1. How can I get a sample ?
The sample can be free, and the freight will in charge of you. We have stock sample, after freight done, we will send out samples immediately.
Q2: What’s your production lead time ?
For custom goods, our production lead time is 25~30days after all details confirmed. If you can accept medium box, then lead time is 10~15days.
3: Can you accept Private label ?
1. Yes, private label is available, we can customized as request.
2. We can engrave logo on the handle and print logo on the packaging.
3. We have design team, we can make design in free.
Q4:Is it 100% jade ? Jade color and size exactly same as picture ?
Jade material are 100% natural jade and handmade craft, so kindly allow color,texture and size difference.
Q5:Will the Jade roller easy to drop off ?
Not, it’s made of upgraded super integrated frame, no glued, no weled, come from one mould.

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