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Products Description

The dry mortar additive is used for producing ready-mixed dry mortar and suitable for artificial plaster and masonry mortar. Only 0.04% application of the admixture can bring out an obvious result and the dosage is used according to the requirement of product in order to improve mortar performance like workability, delamination, strength, shrinkage and freezing resistance.

Its main function is to strengthen the performance of the cement mortar by improving the workability, water retention property and bricklaying efficiency and reducing the waste of cement and lime paste. It can effectively disperse, emulsify and foam the cement so to solve the common problem of peeling and cracking. The performance of the mortar will be better if being used in inflation or common concrete ground when basing or surfacing. This admixture can also increase mortar plumpness and play an effective role in anti-freezing, water reducing, anti-permeating, anti-cracking, heat preserving and insulating after being hardened.

Product application

It's applied to cement products like various industrial or civil construction mortar, plastering mortar, cement mortar, asbestos shingle, hollow brick and light board.

Product Advantages Comparing with HPMC

The industrial cellulose has the best performance of hygroscopicity because of its loose structure and a small tension of the inner molecules. The industrial cellulose will be hardened after mixed with water because its moisture regaining rate is 12%-15% and the expansion rate is more than 50%, up to 140%. The strength of industrial cellulose is small and drop about 40% after wetting. What's more, it is easy to be damaged in a violent washing condition. Even a light force can cause deformation which is difficult to recover. Because of a poor resilience, the fabric is weak to wrinkle and abrase.

Product Paramenters

Test project 
Measurement unit
Test result
Test guidline 
JGJ/T  70-2009
Chapter 6
Air content
(standard stirring or after 1 hour)
less than 20
more than 7.6


JG/T 164-2002
Appendix A 

coagulation time
JGJ/T 70-2009
Chapter 8
Compression strength
7 day
28 day

more than 75

JG/T 164-2004
Frost resistance
(Anti-pressure loss rate 
Quality loss rate)
less than 25
less than 5

JGJ/T 70-2009
Chapter 5

GB/T 8077-2012
Chapter 6

Requirment standard: Air content ( 1hour standing) is more than air content with normal stirring (-4%). Air content with actual standard stirring is 11.6, so that air content after 1 hour standing is more than 7.6%.

Company Profile

Hengshui FeiFei Concrete Admixtures Co., Ltd, a high-tech chemical building material company attached to Hebei Hanlin Technology Group, is an expert in researching, developing, producing and selling cement grinding aid, cement raw material, powdered dry mortar agent, wet-mixed mortar agent, concrete admixtures HPMC(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose),RDP (redispersible emulsion powder), HPS (hydroxypropyl starch ether) and PVA ( Polyvinyl alcohol powder ). Over the years, we have been dedicated to polymer chemicals and fine chemicals and R&D related to chemical industries. Right now, with a complete quality monitoring facilities, we are a trustworthy employer with 17 engineers and 30 technical consultants.

We have attached great importance to innovation and expanded our business presence to US, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and Myanmar by introducing cutting edge technology and cooperating with experts home and abroad. In domestic, we have brought considerable profits to our clients and helped them cut down cost by enhancing product quality and performance. We also have made great contribution to construction, high-speed railway and water conservancy projects. We now own 30 transport cars and provide a thorough after-sale service to all the countries.

Adhering to a customer-centered working philosophy, we provide all our clients with a whole-hearted service and seek a sustainable development by focusing on quality and service. In a long run, we are ready to make deeply cooperation with partners from all sectors in order to build an environment friendly, energy conserved and emission reduced community for China and the whole world.

Packing & Delivery

Stocks will be delivered by sea, air, train or truck with our coroperated shipment company, the quotation is upon request. Feel free to chat with us to find your best delivery options. Your stock will be professionally packed with customized bag, plastic bucket or discussed accordingly.


We have been certificated by ISO9001: 2015 quality management system, ISO 9001&ISO 14001&ISO 45001 certified in this field.

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