Центральная система очистки воздуха Hvac Ahu 300 кВт

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35 Tons Of Refrigeration Air Handling Unit
Hospital Air Handler

Hospital Air Handler

Our factory



Our air handling unit supply economic air conditioning & heating solution for commercial applications, hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, supper markets, hospitals, schools and others.

Hospital Air Handler

Cabinet body

The cabinet frame is made of aluminum profiles. The material for panels is PU, PE or glass cotton. polyester foam as a whole. The cabinet has advantages of anti-corrosion, beautiful, durable and small air leakage rate.

Hospital Air Handler


The fan is centrifugal type fan with low noise and high efficiency external rotor. The fan is balance corrected precisely to ensure its stable operation, low noise, small vibration and superior performance.

Hospital Air Handler

Surface cooler /Air Cooling Coil

The main body of the surface cooler is made of high quality seamless copper tube and high-purity aluminum foil. It is tightly integrated by advanced mechanical and hydraulic expanding technology and then test leakage by 2.8 MPa pressure sealing. Its superior performance and reliable quality is in line with the US ARL standard.

Hospital Air Handler

Dry-type condensation basin

We use well-designed condensation basin and extra-thick insulation material inside to ensure the unit work without condensation drops in adverse environmental conditions. Install the condensation basin a little tilt will help to discharge condensate water. At the same time, when the condensate pipe is at non-full flow state, then the discharge capacity of condensate water is more than 5 times of the normal discharge. The timely discharge of condensate reduced the "contact time" for the condensate water and the condensate basin. It is beneficial to reduce the corrosion of the condensate basin and to avoid the growth of bacteria in the condensate pan, thus to ensure excellent air quality indoor.

Air filter

The specially designed plate filter can be freely extracted from the left, right, upper and lower sides of the unit, so it is especially suitable for the maintenance and cleaning of compact space.

The filter material can be made of cotton concave and convex net or non-woven fabric

Hospital Air Handler


Applications with AHU are characterized by extreme variety of types of systems with different degrees of specificity. DECENT MACHINERY  is able to provide solutions for installations of any complexity: modular and fully configurable controllers, a wide range of humidifiers and accessories, system supervision tools which are reliable and energy-saving. One of the characteristics of the system is flexibility in terms of software, thanks to the standard application specific for AHU, which is fully customizable thanks to 1tool.

Hospital Air Handler

Hospital Air Handler

Hospital Air Handler

DECENT MACHINERY  offers, for the management of AHUs, many advantages to OEM, Installers and Customers:

The controllers featuring new Chip I/O technology allow you to configure up to 10 channels as digital/analog inputs or analog outputs for all types of probes and actuators for AHU (inverters, dampers, humidifiers, etc.)

Up to 7 communication ports to interface with the most popular protocols in local networks or BMS and with devices equipped with serial communication

Various displays that can be programmed for each request of performance, price and aesthetics, with intuitive interfaces rich in information

Complete backward compatibility with the pCO3/pCO5 range, to guarantee investments and know how of DECENT MACHINERY customers

Hospital Air Handler



DECENT MACHINERY experience in the management of direct and indirect adiabatic humidification for the cooling of the air, with consequent benefits in terms of energy saving.

World wide monitoring and supervising systems for the management of information and the optimization of the performance of entire systems

Production of specific electrical panels, integrated in power and electronics, with quality solutions and responsive to system requirements and regulations in force.




Hospital Air Handler

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