Искусственная черная икра осёра для веганов 180 г

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Product Description

TM Ocean Treasures
Black sturgeon imitated caviar, 180g

We produce simulated caviar, which in appearance and taste is a complete natural analogue of salmon and sturgeon caviar.
Fish broth, fish oil, agar-agar algae and natural colorants: paprika and charcoal are used in the production.


Low cost, high marginality and stable demand and interest from buyers make imitated caviar an excellent product for sales and distribution.We present to your attention Black sturgeon imitated caviar, 180g Ocean Treasures TM. You can cook great sandwiches, canopies, salads, use as an ingredient for sauces and dishes of national cuisines.


Cardboard box, Glass jar
Shelf Life
12 months
Weight (kg)
Place of Origin
Russian Federation
Brand Name
Ocean Treasures TM

Packing & Delivery

Corrugated box 12  pcs.

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Company Profile

"Lunskoye sea" is the largest and advanced enterprise on processing of caviar, fish roe and seafood, production of caviar production and fish cookery. Thanks to the long-term experience of our team in 2015, the first batch of products under the TM "Lunskoye sea" and "Ocean treasures" was released.

Deliveries of products are carried out in all regions of the Russian Federation, as the goods are exported to many foreign countries.

Clients of our company are Federal and regional trade networks of the Russian Federation, regional distribution and foreign trade companies. The extensive geography of deliveries gives the chance to carry out uninterrupted deliveries of production to our clients precisely in time, controlling a temperature mode during transportation.

We produce and supply the grocery stores in Russia, CIS countries, China and the European Union with seafood of the highest quality! We produce salmon caviar, fish caviar products and cream sauces according to exclusive recipes, sea cocktails and fish cooking, without exaggeration the most delicious imitated salmon and sturgeon caviar.

We can change the recipe if client needs it. It is possible to produce customized packaging and containers for you and your partners.

We create your favorite
taste every day!


1. Can I get samples? 
We are ready to provide free samples of products on the terms of pickup from the factory. We can send it to the courier company.

2. Is it possible to produce customized product?
Yes, we produce products both under our own brand and under the trademarks of our partners. We can adapt the product to the national, cultural and gastronomical characteristics of your market.

3. How long does it take to calculate the shipping cost? 
We can calculate various delivery options, it all depends on the batch of products: the volume of delivery and the range.


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