Гарантия качества, Белый Профессиональный и практичный стираемый гусиный пух, липкий натуральный гусиный пух для подкладки кровати

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White Goose Down
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Henan Zhongwei Xintang Down And Feather Co., Ltd.
Washed white goose down 90% falls under HS Code 0505100090. It is an ideal filling material for the bedding, apparel and technical clothing sectors, including sport/outdoor clothing & accessories for extreme cold.
Our feathers and down are natural, sustainable and renewable products. They are they are thoroughly washed, cleaned, sanitized, sterilized, and they are naturally hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Down clusters are thermo-regulating by offering a layer of insulation with air trapped inside their 3D structure. They retain superior qualities of loft, softness and smoothness.
This lot of products originated from safety and non-epizootic regions. They were washed with detergent and cleaned with water for about an hour, dried and sanitized in a steam dryer at steam temperature of 120 degrees centigrade for at least 30 minutes, and then sterilized before packing. After the packing they have never been commingled with any other animal origin material.
All our products are guaranteed compliant with EN 12934, JIS 1903 and USA-2000 standards, etc.

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