Экологически чистые серые Антивозрастные силиконовые полоски в рулоне

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Environment-friendly grey anti-aging resistance customized silicone strips roll

Product Description

1.The size/hardness/color can be custom-made.
Such silicone material meets the food requirements certification.
3.Weak acid and alkali resistance,so the silicone tube can pass some medicine liquid.
4.Our factory also can allocate the silicone raw material according to your application requirements or performance requirements.
5.The performance,such as elongation,tear and tensile strength,compression set,all can be customized.

Details Images

Performance of silicone sealing strips.
Sooth,food grade,uniform light emission,be platinum vulcanization.
Suitable for all kinds of environment.
Good elasticity,tensile strength,good impact resistance.
Many kinds of color is for your choice.
Environmental protection, good flexible.

Extrusion production mode.
Uniform thickness, thickness can be customized..
The hardness ranges from 30A to 80A.
Up to national tolerance standard.
Available for extrusion a variety of silicone strips,silicone strips with strict requirements.
Different lengths of silicone strips can be cut according to your requirements.

Material Parameter.

Production name
Environment-friendly grey anti-aging resistance customized silicone strips roll
Secondary cured method
Temperature range
-50℃ ~ 240℃
Tensile strength(KPa)
About 11.5
Elogation at break(%)
About 602
The modulus of coefficient(100% elogation), MPa
Tear resistance(KN/M)
Rebound resilience(%)
Explosion-proof,stable chemical performance,high tear resistance,high temperature resistance

Usage of silicone strips:
LED light:high pressure heat resistant,waterproof,wearing resistance
Street light:high temperature resistance,waterproof,durable,heat resistant.
Electrical appliance industry:heat dissipation,waterproof,tear resistance.

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