Умная электрическая маска-вентилятор, Воздухопроницаемый переносной очиститель воздуха

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Product Description

1、What's the MOQ of our fan mask?
A:Our MOQ is 10-100 sets, if you order 1000 sets, you can print your own logo.
2、What's our delivery time?(sample and cargos)
A:Samples will be sent out within 3 days, and you can check the express information after 5 days. 1000 25 days. For 100 pieces, the goods will be delivered within 5-7 days if you do not order LOGO, and within 10 days if you order LOGO.
3、How does the fan mask work?
A:When inhaling, the breathing valve will be closed to ensure that no air enters, the inhaled air is filtered through the filter core; When you exhale, the breathing valve opens, allowing the hot and humid air inside the mask to be speed-out with the help of the fan.
4、How long does it take to charge?After charge how long can the battery be used?
A:About two-three hours. First gear can be used about 3 hours ,second gear can be used about 2.5 hours.
5、What is the estimated life of each filter?
A:It is determined according to used environment, we suggest that replaced between 72h and 120h for conventional environment. High risk recommended not more than 4 hours replacement. Our filter protection is same as KN95.

Model specification 
Battery voltage
The battery capacity
Power of battery
Charging voltage
really use power 
Gear set 
2 speeds
Carried standard

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