Inbevo A6 Профессиональный 12 вольт 5,1 аудио канала Автомобильный усилитель DSP сабвуфер усилитель пластины

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Why Choose Us

1.Company Advantages
We focus on the field of car audio with research and development, production, sales and perfect after sales service. The core members of the team are industry DSP experts, key university professors, senior algorithm engineers and senior tuning engineers.
1).Products completely independent research and development by ourselves, truly original design to ensure stability and reliability;
2). New models can be launched according to the market demand and lead the development of the industry;
3). Can be customized quickly according to customers' needs, OEM and ODM are supported.
4). Strong technical service are provided to ensure the safety of products.
2.Advantages of INBEVO DSP
1). Original AE intelligent algorithm: T-BOSS bass processing technology, sound clear processing technology, 3D surround sound technology;
2). Intelligent dynamic boost technology;
3). It is designed according to the standard of vehicle specification, intelligent protection mechanism, over-voltage protection mechanism, under voltage protection mechanism, over-current protection mechanism, overload and short circuit protection mechanism.
4). Imported key chips ,the same audio chip as some famous company;
5).App&PC smart tuning.
6)HIFI sound ,distortion 0.1%-0.01%
3.Advantages of INBEVO R & D team
From 2009 to 2011 ,The first domestic DSP was successfully applied in FAW Mazda front loading plant.
In 2016, all series of DSP products were applied to "音伯乐 (INPOLE)" brand;
In 2018, DSP products were applied to: “音享世界 "车音乐" and other brands;
In 2018, DSP products were applied to the world famous Driving Recorder brand "凌度 (Blackview)".
In 2020, the truck version of DSP power amplifiers were applied to the domestic well known brand heavy truck "解放(liberation)" and "东风 (Dongfeng)".
In 2020, the bus DSP were launched and applied in Guangzhou Bus Group of Guangdong Province.
In 2020, professional motorcycle DSP power amplifier were launched for competition .


Item name
Car Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Amplifier 
Amplifier category
Class AB amplifier
Output power
(Signal to noise ratio)
Input &Output
4 lines/routes input, 6 lines/routes output
Input mode
Special vehicle dedicated plug-in cable, Blue tooth wireless connection(BT4.2), RCA harness connection
Tuning mode
App&PC &Android large screen & handheld installation navigator 
Frequency response range
6063 aluminum
Output impedance
2Ω--4 Ω
Blue tooth version
External Blue tooth, BT4.2
Key Chips
Standby current
less than 3mA (standard vehicle specification)
Audio algorithms
AE intelligent sound effect algorithm (bass processing technology, sound definition processing, surround sound, virtual 5.1 channel, intelligent tuning)
Safety Design
Intelligent protection mechanism, over-voltage protection mechanism, under voltage protection mechanism, over-current protection mechanism, overload and short circuit protection mechanism ( standard of vehicle specification).
Patent technology
11 national patents

Products Description

Contact us

Delia Huang
Tel: +86 191 2830 7973
Wechat/WhatsApp: +86 191 2830 7973


1.What is DSP ?
DSP is short for Digital Signal Processor. Our DSP is a special kind of amplifier. It is a product of DSP and power amplifier.

2. What is the difference between the regular amplifier and your DSP amplifier ?
Ordinary power amplifier can only be adjusted: gain, high-low pass, can not be connected with the computer. DSP power amplifier can adjust volume, set EQ, delay, cut frequency and divide frequency by software.PC&App tuning .

3.What is the function of your DSP amplifier?
In view of some problems of the original car music, such as no-tension bass , messy but not thick medium audio, harsh ,voiceless ,no emotion and impervious high frequency , we improve the sound quality in the car through technical means to get the best enjoyment when driving . It is combined fucntions of amplifier and digital signal processor.

4.What is the application of DSP ?
Our DSP amplifier can be used for vehicles ,such as cars , goods vehicles,buses, motorcycle etc.

5.Does the installment of DSP easy ?
Yes ,it is very easy. In China ,Many car owners install by themselves. Most importantly ,We provide online installation guidance service to solve the problems you may have during the installation at any time. Professional 4S car shop staffs are preferred if you don’t know about Automobile structure.

6.What kind of car modle is your DSP suitable for?
It is suitable for almost 95% car models .

7. What is the main difference of the model A5,S5 A6,A7,A8 and A9?
1)core chips/components; 2) Power; 3) Mould (every mould is different ); 4)Input and output mode; 5)Core technology; 6)Sound quality(Distortion,SNR); 7)Price

8. What is the MOQ for DSP amplifier?
1 pcs

9.Can you do OEM ?
Yes ,ODM ,OEM can be supported .

10.Can you develop a DSP for us according to our requirements?
Yes, of course no problem. We have a strong and professional Engineer R & D team. we have developped professional for special requirements such as for professional motorcycle, buses and Heavy trucks for our clients.


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