Латунный сифон топливный Воздушный Распылитель промышленная горелка распылитель отработанного масла сопло

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Produces a solid cone spray pattern with extremely fine particle size at low air pressures and low CFM.
Flow rates, spray angles and droplet sizes can be modified, with limitations, by variations in air, lift, etc. relatively large passages. Clog free operation of low volume due to relatively large passages.
The air compressor should be capable of providing at least 10% more air than the specified values. All fuel and airline connections must be tight. Any leaks, especially in the fuel line, will have an adverse effect on the lift characteristics.
The nozzle will flow in either a horizontal or vertical position. The lift distance for a vertical mounted nozzle is measured from the liquid level to the end (face) of the nozzle. The lift distance for the horizontal mounting is shown in the installation drawing.
If the combustion application does not permit the use of a constant level device, excellent spray characteristics can be obtained using a fuel metering pump and an air compressor.
It is also possible to operate the nozzle in a closed pressurized system utilizing air pressure for both lifting and atomizing the fuel.

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oil burner nozzle

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The interior is designed for a large flow channel to minimize liquid blocking screw nozzle to produce solid (hollow) conical spray, and the droplets are relatively rough.




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