Профессиональный радиатор водяного охлаждения, технологическая поддержка для генератора и эксплуатации нефти

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Product Description

Nanhong Radiator
Engine power (KW)
from 15kwa-4000kwa
engine speed 
Use environment temperature (℃)
Power generator genset
Core material
Red copper core
Frame material
Exterior color
all colors
Weight (kg)
Applicable engine
various volt range genset/alternator/petroleum machine

Q:What information do you need to provide to the engine radiator?
A:In general, it is necessary to provide the engine model, power, rotating speed,
operating environment temperature, etc. If it needs to be customized, it is
necessary to inform the customer service of the detailed requirements.

Q: How do we ensure that the radiator has enough heat dissipation area?
A: We have mainstream engine data on the market, and we can design the best
heat dissipation scheme to meet the engine requirements through heat balance

Q: What are our advantages?
A: We have specialized in engine radiator for more than 15 years and have rich
experience in design, production and sales. We have involved in power
generation, engineering machinery and marine fields and have a good reputation
in the industry.

Our Advantages

1:we are the producing factory
2:we have a strong team for technology supply.
3:we get 15 years experience in this industry.
4:solve problems more easy then trading company after sale.
5:we are professional and better price.

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