Черный резиновый зажим для шланга из нержавеющей стали

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Product Description

stainless steel black Rubber Hose Clamp


Product Name

AISI 304 concrete pump rubber hose clamp

Product Type

Rubber Clamp

*Unique Fast Release Structure.
*Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications.
*Pipe Size Range: 12-114mm.
*Material: Galvanized Steel/EPDM Rubber 
*Anti-Corrosion, Heat Resistance.


1.For fastening:Pipe lines,such as heating,sanitary and waste water pipes,to walls,cellings and floors.
2.Used for mounting of pipes to the walls ( vertical / horizontal ) , ceilings and floors
3.For Suspending Stationary Non-Insulated Copper Tubing Lines
4.Being fasteners for pipe lines such as heating, sanitary and waste water pipes;to walls, ceilings and floors.
5.Side screws are protected against loss during assemble with the help of plastic washers


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