Источник ионного луча IBS - 400

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Gas-discharge ion sources for generating linear ion beams. Principle of operation - anode layer ion beam source. High uniformity of ion flux distribution along the source makes it the optimum choice for substrate treatment on a drum or a carousel. A linear ion beam source with highly homogeneous ion current density across beam's width. Length of linear zone is 350 mm. 


  • sputtering of materials from dielectric and conductive targets;

  • magnetron sputtering assistance;

  • ion cleaning, etching;

  • polishing;

  • plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD);

  • surface modification.


Electrical characteristics
Voltage500-5000 V
Ion beam source
Beam length370 mm
Beam shapeHollow rectangular
Beam width42 mm
Beam thickness5 mm
Maximal current600 mA


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