HZ-600A трансформатор Частота развертки Анализатор Автоматический трансформатор бтгтв анализ частотного отклика анализатор

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HZ-600A transformer sweep frequency analyzer automatic transformer winding deformation tester sfra analyzer


The transformer winding deformation tester is used for power transformer with voltage grade of 6kV and above and other transformers with special purpose. The power transformer is inevitably vulnerable to impulse of various fault short-circuit current or physical collision in the process of operation and transportation and the transformer windings may lose stability under the powerful electro-dynamic force exerted by such short-circuit current, which could result in permanent deformations such as local distortion, swell or dislocation and will severely affect safe operation of the transformer. Deformation of transformer windings is measured with frequency response analysis method according to national standard DL/T911-2004 for electric power industry, i.e. detect amplitude-frequency response characteristic of each transformer winding and make vertical or horizontal comparison of the detection result to judge possible deformation of the transformer winding based on change of amplitude-frequency response characteristics

Main Technical Indicators

Measuring speed:

 1 min- 2 min for single-phase winding

Output voltage:

Vpp-25V, adjusting automatically in test

Output impedance:


Input impedance:

1MΩ (the response channel is built with 50Ω matching resistance)

Frequency scan scope:

10Hz-2MHz (10Hz-25MHz, optional)

Frequency accuracy:


Frequency scan manner:


 linear or logarithmic, frequency sacn interval and number of sweep points are freely settable

Curve display:

amplitude-frequency curve (phase-frequency curve, optional)

Width of measuring dynamic range:


Supply voltage:

AC100-240V   0-400Hz

Tester weight:

only 3.6kg


Main Technical Characteristics

Characteristics of transformer windings are measured with frequency sweep method. Deformations of windings such as distortion, swell or displacement of 6kV and above transformer are measured by detecting amplitude-frequency response characteristics of each winding, not requiring lifting of transformer enclosure or disintegration.

Quick measuring, measuring of a single winding is within 2 minutes.

High frequency accuracy, higher than 0.001%.

Digital frequency synthesis, with higher frequency stability.

5000V voltage isolation fully protects safety of the testing computer.

Able to load 9 curves at the same time and automatically calculate parameters of each curve and diagnose winding deformations to provide the reference diagnosis conclusion.

Analysis software has powerful functions and software and hardware indicators satisfy national standard DL/T911-2004.

Software management is humanized with high degree of intelligence. You only need to click a key to complete all measurements after setting of parameters.

The software interface is concise and vivid, with clear menus of analysis, save, report export, print, etc.



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