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Product Description

Product Structure and Application
[Contains]: polyester or fiberglass, polyurethane. Applicable to common plastic surgery. It is used to provide binding for wound
dressing or limbs in order to make a binding up and fixation effect.
[Product Features] Ansen cast has many advantages, such as high strength, light weight, curing rapidly, air-permeability, x-ray radiolucent, easy operation, comfort and safety, less dust during remove, etc.
[Attention] A.Check bag,any breakage, even pinhole will bring curing of cast
B.Open one bag at a time, and operation the cast immediately Don't open multi-bags
at the same time to avoid weakening the strength.
C.Operation by professional doctor.
D.Disposable products. After use, treat as medical waste.
[Storage] Stored in a cool dry and ventilated atmosphere. The proper temperature is 15°C- 30°C
and the humidity should be less than RH 60%
[Date of manufacture] Mark on package
[Expiry date ] Shelf life is 2 years
[Specifications ] Mark on package

Product Advantage


Cast operation

Compared with Plaster Bandage

Package-can be customized

Each bandage is wrapped individually in a bag with outer package.
Packing information for Orthopedic casting tape as below:
Aluminum Plastic Bag
Hard Inner Box
10 bags/box, 9 boxes/ctn.
Outside Corrugated Carton


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