Два активных разъема зонда, цветной Доплер, ультразвуковой ноутбук, выпуклый линейный трансвагинальный

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Product Description

 Portable 3D Color Doppler ultrasound scan machine

DU8-M (5).jpg

DU8-M1 main unit
15“ high-solution monitor
double probe interface
double USB2.0 interface

routine, heart, obstetrics/gynaecology, blood vessels, urinary, small organs


Basic measurement and calculation function

B mode: distance, angle, perimeter and area, volume, stenosis rate, histogram, sectional diagram

M mode: heart rate, time, distance, velocity

Doppler: time, heart rate, velocity, acceleration

General measurement

Distance, area, perimeter, volume, ratio, angle, histogram, sectional view, residual urine volume, stenosis rate, heart rate, time, Slope velocity

Gynecological measurements

Uterine, endometrial, cervical, ovarian, follicular measurements, obstetric report single function

Obstetric measurements

Distance, pregnancy sac, double parietal diameter, head circumference, abdominal circumference, femur length, spinal length, humerus length, head and hip length CRL, occipital frontal bone diameter, transverse abdominal diameter, hip angle measurement (hip dysplasia), gestational age, fetal weight, expected delivery period calculation, standard formula for obstetrics, fetal growth and development curve, fetal physiological scoring system, single function of obstetrical report

Urology measurement

Prostate measurement, bladder volume, left and right kidney measurement, residual urine measurement, urology measurement report

Cardiac measurements

Time, slope, heart rate, left ventricular measurement, left ventricular function, wall thickness assessment, mitral valve measurement, aortic measurement, surface area calculation, cardiac measurement report

Peripheral vascular measurement

Peripheral vascular measurement and analysis

Doppler flow measurement and analysis

Spectrum Doppler Automatic Envelope Measurement

Checking Mode System  Preset

Provides real-time, non-pre-set 2D, color Doppler and spectral Doppler mode one-click automatic image optimization adjustment

Emission acoustic focus


Signal input and output

Power interface, S-video interface, network interface, USB interface, HDMI interface;

support video standards such as PAL,NTSC,

support digital video printing, analog video printer

External data communications interface

With the ability to support DICOM3.0 interface, dual USB2.0 interface, DVD-RW burn function


≥15-inch high-resolution color screen

Probe connection

2 interfaces, all activated, automatic identification

Organization Harmonic Function

It has 6 sets of structure harmonic functions (for electronic convex array probe, electronic linear array probe)

Probe receiving dynamic range

≥150dB (40dB~150dBVisual, adjustable)

Image Archiving and Medical Records Management System

The built-in ≥120 GB hard disk ,1.6 million images can be stored, u disk and built-in hard disk can store images and movie files, and can be upgraded with u disk, dynamic/static image storage format is pc common format (jpg,bmp, etc.), support dvd burn function, multi-parameter adjustment of stored images built-in ultrasonic workstation software system, can create, store, modify, query, print patient inspection reports can display, store and play back static images and dynamic video

Interface Language

Full Chinese/English interface, switchable, Chinese/English input

operating system (OS)

Windows XP

sound power;

B/M,PWD,Color Doppler Output power adjustable visual ,16-stage output sound power adjustable

Ultrasound scanning

≥512,Adjustable line density



Temperature range

-5 to +40,Relative humidity range:30%—80%

DU8-M (3).jpg

DU8-M (1).jpg

DU8-M (2).jpg




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