RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, Under Sink Tankless Purifier, 600 GPD, TDS Reduction, Faucet Included

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Common Faults and solutions
Possible causes

No water coming out of the faucet
The inlet value is not open
Open the inlet valve
Filter element location error
Correct Installation of core
The machine is not connected to power
Check power

Small outlet
Bending or twisting of connection lines
Check the pipeline
The water inlet valve is not fully opened
Fully open inlet valve
Low water temperature (especially in winter)
As the water temperature decreases, the water purification will decrease accordingly
The filter element has expired
Replace filter element
Water for domestic use can not be discharged
There is a block in the drainage
Shut down inlet valves and power supply, contact professionals
The filter element has expired
Replace filter element
Filtered water has a smell
Has not been used fora long time
Flush the RO system for 20 minutes each time, 2 times in total, it will be normal

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