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OEM Private Label goat milk powder cosmetic BEST PRICE

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Goat milk powder is more likely to be absorbed by skin, because goat milk fat particles was only about a third of the milk, and is rich in natural and balanced nutrition, can undertake comprehensive care for the skin. Goat milk is rich in the same as the mother's milk the most special of epithelial growth factor (EGF), add this precious ingredients is often derived in skin care products, used to repair the aging skin cells, promote cell renewal. In addition, the superoxide disproportionation acid (SOD) in the milk can delay the aging of the skin

Aogu Biotech-Applicatipon

1) It can be used as healthy foods;
(2) It Collagen can serve as a calcium food;
(3) It Collagen can be used as food additives;
(4) It Collagen can be widely used in frozen food, beverages, dairy products, candy, cakes and so on;
(5) It Collagen can be used for special populations;
(6) It Collagen can be used as food packaging materials
(7)It can be used as cosmetic additives it's small molecular weight, absorbs easily. Contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, excellent moisture factors and balances the moisture of the skin,

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More details

Packing: 1kg/bag, 25kgs/drum Two plastic-bags inside and Paper-drums or per customer's requirements.
Storage: Store in tight, light-resistant containers, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and excessive heat.
Shelf Life: 24 months when properly stored.

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OEM Private Label goat milk powder cosmetic BEST PRICE
OEM Private Label goat milk powder cosmetic BEST PRICE
OEM Private Label goat milk powder cosmetic BEST PRICE

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