Ветеринарный и человеческий портативный рентгеновский цифровой флюороскопический аппарат

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Products Description

HFX-01 Portable Handheld X ray Digital Fluoroscopy Machine

Portable X-ray machine is widely used in various fields, including hospital orthopaedics, the hand&foot microsurgery, traditional Chinese osteopathic manipulation& closed threading, related training department and the school infirmary, fieldwork, earthquake rescue the wounded, inspection of zoos & pet hospital and feedlots, scientific research&teaching, rare Chinese herbal medicine detecting, nondestructive testing of industrial components, and food security & packages foreign body detection, etc. These advantages make it welcomed by the special market, the market prospect is broader.

1. Integrating high frequency and high voltage X-ray generator, X-ray receiver, integrated processing system, digital display and other functions, with exquisite design
2. Appearance White C-type design, ABS engineering plastic manufacturing, beautiful light and firm, with high safety
3. Small size, convenient to carry, flexible and diverse application sites
4. The screen displays no noise, high definition black-white images, with high resolution
5. Imaging area is available, and different models can be selected according to customer needs
6. No darkroom is needed for operating indoors and outdoors, with real-time observation
7. Good detection and diagnosis effect, with very low radiation dose (max 0.5 mA), almost no harm to human body
8. No start preheating, one-key switch machine, simple and fast operation
9. Service life is 10 years, free warranty is 12months, with lifetime maintenance
10. More optional functions, manufacturers support and provide quality services
11. Products and after-sales services can also be customized according to customer needs.

Technical specifications

Output Image size
≤100*75 mm
Survey thickness
≤300 mm
X-ray tube voltage
45-90 kv Continuous adjustable
Voltage deviation
X-ray tube current
0.25-0.5 mA Continuous adjustable
Current deviation
Position deviation
±1 mm
≤3 lp/mm
Operating frequency
20 Khz
X-ray leakage rate
≤0.33 mGy/h
Net Weight
Aluminum box size
Add aluminum weight
Carton size
Add carton weight
Power Consumption
≤200 VA
Input current
AC 220V±10%
The warranty period
1 year
Optional functions
Refer to “Optional function list”



1.What is time of delivery?
Since our products are produced according to each specific order, the delivery period will be 15days after confirmation of order. If it is small or sample order, please do check with us about whether we have ready goods in stock to make delivery as soon as possible.

2.What about quality assurance?
We offer one year warranty period beginning from the time of shipment for medical equipment, Per minor problems, we can provide free spare parts for replacements, Per serious problems, we can make replacement of free charge. But if the machine is damaged due to rough handling during the transportation, we are free of any responsibility, but we will still provide help to the buyer issue claims against the shipping company or insurance company, thus all the spare parts or expenses should be borne by buyer.

3.What about the price level?
We are confident that our prices are competitive compared with those at the same quality level, since we have stayed in this filed more than 20 years. And we always adhere to the principle of provide top quality products with competitive prices. We have already established our good fame in many countries, especially in Africa, Middle East, European, Asia and South American through year after year efforts.

4.Why we find some prices are very high compared with some other supplier, and from the picture or it's model number, all looks the same?
As China is still a developing country, there are only a few products with patent rights, and copy products I spread very fast in the market. Of course, the prices of those copy products with cheap material and less quality control are relatively cheaper .

5.What is payment terms?
T/T in advance, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, MoneyGram.

6.Which shipping company usually using?
MAERSK-LINE, PIL, cosco, SAFMARINE, MARUBA, APL, CMA, CSAV, K-LINE, MSC, NYK, AND DHL, EMS, TNT, UPS FOR COURIER, buyer's option will be our priority, we will give suggestion according to the schedule and services.

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