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Product Description

Smooth Geomembrane films sheets HDPE LDPE membranes for fish shrimp farming pool pond liners

Geomembrane is a waterproof and barrier material based on macromolecule polymer.

The main types are HDPE geomembrane, LDPE geomembrane, LLDPE geomembrane, PVC geomembrane and EVA geomembrane.HDPE waterproof geomembrane for fish pool pond landfill liner Smooth geomembranes manufactured from quality high density polyethylene resins(HDPE) that comply with the most rigorous requirements established for their use. The 30 mil hdpe geomembrane is popular thickness,its widely used in aquaculture project,fish pond,shrimp pond and irrigation pond.

Good flexibility and high impervious coefficient
HDPE Geomembrane has high tensile mechanical properties. Its excellent elasticity and deformability make it very suitable for expansion or contraction of the base surface. Effectively overcome the uneven settlement of the base surface.

good chemical properties and strong corrosion resistance

geomembrane are manufactured under permanent quality control and comply with national and international standards.

High mechanical strength
HDPE pond liner has good mechanical strength and carious specifications. It is the best choice for environmental protection,aquaculture, and drinking water ponds. With high tensile strength and fracture elongation index and It can be used in various harsh geological and climatic conditions.

HDPE Geomembrane Technical Data
Thickness (mm)
Density ( g/cm3)
Tensile yield strength (N/mm)
Tensile fracture strength (N/mm)
elongation at yield (%)
elongation at break (%)
Right-angle tear load (N)
Puncture strength (N)
Carbon black content (%)

Product Application

30mil/0.75mm HDPE Geomembrane
The 30mil hdpe geomembrane is popular thickness,its widely used in aquaculture project,fish pond,shrimp pond and irrigation pond.
40mil/1mm HDPE Geomembrane
The 40 mil hdpe geomembrane is popular thickness,its widely used in reservior and project,the reservior for storage water and irrigation.

60mil/1.50mm HDPE Geomembrane
The 60 mil hdpe geomembrane is popular thickness,its widely used in anti-seepage project,like landfill and oil and gas project,etc
80mil/2.00mm HDPE Geomembrane
The 80 mil hdpe geomembrane is popular thickness,its widely used in industry project,like gold mining,oil and gas project,etc.

Packing & Delivery


Packed in woven geotextile and strength belt or PE film Or packed according to customers' requirements such as mark the company Logo (Export standard package).

Packaging size and container capacity vary according to product specifications.


 we can package and transport the products according to the requirements of the customers. please contact us if you need. 


Q1. Can you do OEM?
A1. Yes.of course.We can produce the products as your requests.
It would be better if you could provide us with samples.
Q2. If I want to order a small quantity goods,can you do it?
A2. If the product you need we have stock available,that would be great,you can choose the instock goods. but if not, don't worry, we can take your order with our other clients' order to be produced together.But it needs to wait some time .
Q3. Can I get a sample from your company?Should I pay for the express fee?
A3. If you can accept our available sample,we can offer free sample to you.
After confirming your order, the sample's freight cost will be deducted from your order's total cost.
Q4. How will you follow my order?
A4. When the goods are started to produce,we will take photos for the goods and send it to you.
If you find any production deficiencies,please contact us to correct it.

About Us

Tai'an Dingkun New Material Co., Ltd. is a collection of independent research and development, production and sales in a body specialized enterprises. Strong technical force, advanced process equipment, complete product range, has a group of professionals engaged in geotechnical materials production of senior technical staff, and national research institutes, universities established close cooperative relations, the Institute and strong technical force, To ensure product stability and forward looking.



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