Высокое качество 3 вида цветов ядро KN-7000D омоложения кожи ФДТ светодиодная световая терапия машина

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Outstanding performance PDT machine!
Kernel Photodynamic Therapy KN-7000D
Medical grade LED light therapy machine for salon spa

* Inflammatory acne
* Eliminate inflammation
* Prompt wound healing
* Rejuvenation,increase the elasticity of the skin

Product Features

1. 7 kinds of light combination,can reach different treatment effects.(Green light is optional)
Generally customer can choose the treatment head with 3 colors: RED+Blue+Yellow or Red+Blue+Infrared

2. Composed of 5 LED module light source panels,1100 pieces of high power SMD-LEDs

3.Treatment head can be stretched to different types and free cantilever arm(can lift up and down 40cm, turn left and right 180°). Very flexable for operation.

3.Advanced design structure

Product Parameter

Acne Treatment, Wrinkle Remover, Skin Rejuvenation, Whitening
Size( L*W*H )
Display Screen
8'' color touch screen
LED Quantity
1100 pcs of high power SMD-LED
Irradiation Mode
Continuous or Pulse
Treatment Area
Output wavelength range
Red light: 633nm, Blue:417nm, Yellow:590nm, Infrared: 850nm
Light Combinations
red, blue, yellow, infrared, green, red+blue+yellow, red+blue+infrared
Light Intensity
All Red light:90mW/cm2±20%; All Blue light:60mW/cm2±20%;All Yellow light:40mW/cm2±20%;
All Green light:80mW/cm2±20%;All Infrared light:80mW/cm2±20%;
red+blue: red 45mW/cm2±20%; blue 50mW/cm2±20%; all light 95mW/cm2±20%
red+yellow:red 45mW/cm2±20%;yellow 20mW/cm2±20%;all light 65mW/cm2±20%
red+infrared:red 45mW/cm2±20%;infrared 40mW/cm2±20%;all light 85mW/cm2±20%
yellow+infrared:yellow 20mW/cm2±20%;infrared 40mW/cm2±20%;all light 60mW/cm2±20%
yellow+green:yellow light 20mW/cm2±20%;green light 40mW/cm2±20%;all light 60mW/cm2±20%
red+blue+yellow: red 30mW/cm2±20%; blue 33mW/cm2±20%; yellow 15mW/cm2±20%; all light 78mW/cm2±20%
red+blue+infrared: red 30mW/cm2±20%; blue 33mW/cm2±20%; infrared 25mW/cm2±20%; all light 88mW/cm2±20%

Treatment Effect

Company Introduction


1997—Kernel company was established.

1998—KN-601 Series Patient Monitor enter the market.

2002—Pass ISO9001 International Quality System.

2003—KN-2200 series Colposcope won the bid in the UN and awarded as the UN Supplier.

2004—Kernel Building was set up.

2006—KN-4000 series UV Phototherapy enter the market.

2007—KN-601 series Patient Monitor get CE certificate. 

2008—"KERNEL" Regarded as the well-known trademark by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. 

2012—KN-7000 LED photodynamic therapy device & KN-4000 series UV Phototherapy passed CE.

2018—KN-5000 series excimer 308 targeted phototherapy, KN-9000B woods lamp launched.

2019—New product KN-8000 series hair loss therapy device and laser hair growth helmet.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>We never stop striving for perfection

Development and cooperation

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