Япония 1 год гарантии электрический портативный атмосферный генератор воды от

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Products Description

Product Name
Standard Colors
White pearl
Metallic black
Optional Colors
Metallic silver
Metallic blue
Metallic red
Pink pearl
22cm wide*38cm deep*70cm high
Tank Capacity
Generative Capacity
2-8 L/day
Operating Environment (Temperature)
Rated Power Consumption
Rated Voltage
AC 100V
50/60 Hz
Manufacturer Warranty Period
1 year
Replacement Parts*2
Dome Filter
Requires replacement once per year.
Antibacterial Insert
Requires replacement once every 3 months.
*1.Calculated from the amount dehumidified in 1 day when room temperature is maintained at 32C, and relative humidity at 60%.
*2.If the conditions of use cause water to be generated quickly, or if the frequency of use is high, we recommend replacing parts early.

Built-in features

Plug into a power outlet and press the power button once to start generating water.

Drying mode:
Press the power button once while operating to switch to drying mode. (Drying mode will cease automatically after 3.5 hours.)

Stand-by mode:
Press the power button twice while operating, or once while in drying mode, to switch to stand-by mode.

*Automatically ceases operation and switches to drying mode when the tank is full. (Drying mode will cease automatically after 3.5 hours.)

In most countries around the world, tap water is undrinkable.

How It Works

In Japan, there are many instances of natural disasters, and various technologies are needed to connect people to people's lives. In our daily lives, some things cannot be solved by today's common technologies, such as health and support for living.
It is the mission and role of Ai Heart Japan to support such life support, using our uniqueness and expertise with technologies that are not yet known to the world.

Ai Heart Japan was founded on March 30th, 2021 with 6 members. In the early stages, we are promoting AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) to create water from the air as a life-saving activity.

Our goal is to create a company that will someday make you feel glad that this activity exists.

Although we are a venture company, we aim to be a company that can continue to provide amazing experiences and support all over the world with uniqueness and love from Japan to the world.

Business background -Potential for IZUMI AWG products-
• Traditional AWG products-refrigerant AWG
Refrigerant-type AWG products can efficiently produce water in hot and humid areas (around the equator). On the other hand, if the temperature and humidity drop to a certain range (20 degree, 40% or less), not only will water not be produced, but the possibility of failure will increase.
• IZUMI AWG products
Temperature is 1 ℃ or higher It enables more stable water production in an indoor environment, whether it is in a general living environment (humidity 1%), in winter, or on a mountain.

1. Super soft water makes cooking delicious
2. No chlorine without anxiety
3. Slight vibration and very quiet
4. Made in Japan and safe
5. Compact and easy to be carried
6. World’s first! Take apart and Clean
7. Dehumidifying keeps comfortable


Product Category

Chocolate Kamakura Kuran
Skin Care Products


Kitchens, Sundries

Company Profile

We are a young company and we are willing to face the changing needs of the world. We will do our best to provide high quality products and great services. It is our mission to make every corner of the world better because of the existence of LINKUP.

We are committed to spreading Japanese culture by providing high-quality Japanese products. Our staffs come from different countries, including China, Japan, Malaysia and other countries. We make our work more efficient through two-way communication. Hope you can get the best service and the best quality products from us. We also support mass purchasing and individual imports. Please contact us for details.

We treat every customer sincerely, and LINKUP looks forward to long-term cooperation with you.

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