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Professional agentDHL UPS TNT FEDX EMSExpress and air shipping services

Welcome foreign trade companies and overseas students and foreign customers of e-commerce all over the country to inquire

We have a lot of prices.,We will give you the best price and channel selection according to the customer's products and weight

The price of imitation goods and ordinary goods has been released.Welcome to consult

Daily delivery from Monday to Friday,Only goods are received on Saturday but not shipped,Delivery on Sunday night,

Early business hours9:00--Late24:00.If you need door-to-door pick-up service,Please contact customer service

No replica,Mobile phone collection2RMB/PC,Minimum consumption50RMB per ticket; Additional battery products21Plus within kg10%

21-70Kg extra8%;70Extra charge above kg5%(Minimum consumption plus50RMB/BILL).

Textiles and goods need customs declaration, verification and tax refund,Price is negotiable!

1、The price already includes operations.,Arbitariec,Excluding destination tariff;

2、The price does not include the delivery surcharge in remote areas.,Charging StandardRMB3.6Yuan/Kg,Minimum chargeRMB180Yuan/Ticket;

3、Weight charges are compared with actual weight and volume weight.,Take the heavier to calculate the charge(The calculation method of volume weight is:LongXWideXHighCM/5000=KG);

4、Fees are charged for customs duties paid by the sender.RMB150/Ticket;

5、Please provide formal invoice when delivery,Otherwise, we will be deemed to authorize our company to declare on behalf of us.,In case of deduction or delay due to declaration reasons,Our company will not bear the relevant responsibilities and expenses.。

6、Only goods received on Sunday will not be shipped。

The above price is the price of common goods documents.,Sensitive goods such as batteries are not included,And it is the best channel for timeliness.,You can consult customer service for other preferential prices if the quantity is large.,This is just a reference price,Because there are many price channels,Contact customer service Customer service will choose the most advantageous price channel for you.,Welcome to inquire:

【Service Introduction】:

Our shop specializes in international express delivery,Professional international express service experience,Professional agentEMS DHL UPS TNT FEDEX And various leased lines 4px DPEX GNL KSD ARAMEXTaiwan leased line.India leased line Korean leased line.Singapore leased line.Hong Kong Special line air bag big bag,International express service through multiple channels such as Air transportation,Price advantage.Various services such as collecting and storing goods on behalf, operating and packaging, etc. are convenient for netizens to send and deliver goods, which saves effort and money.!Welcome all netizens to visit my shop.

Business ComplianceIntegrity-based,Price win,Considerate service,First Choice for stable cooperation!

Five express discounts are as follows】:

EMS Go online the next day after shipment on the same day。 Approximate validity period:5-8Arrive at the destination in days

DHL Online on the same day of shipment。 Approximate validity period:3-5Arrive at the destination in days

UPS Online on the same day of shipment。 Approximate validity period:3-5Arrive at the destination in days

fedex Online on the same day of shipment。 Approximate validity period:3-5Arrive at the destination in days

TNTDiscount9Fold up Online on the same day of shipment。 Approximate validity period:3-5Arrive at the destination in days

Except for the above express deliveryEMSMorning outside12Point arrived goods,Can transfer online on the same day,It is also possible to surf the Internet the next day after this time.。

Latest special offer countriesUnited States,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Most Western European countries include Britain,France,Spain,Italy,Belgium,Hungary,Czech and others,Japan,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,India,Some countries in Africa,The price advantage of these countries is too strong.,Welcome to consult!

【Package size weight】:

2011Year1Month1Express delivery regulations:?

EMS:Solid weight,Single ticket weight0.5kg-30kgBetween,More30KGTo split the ticket,The total length, width and height exceed320CM(No transfer)Unstable discount!

DHL:Edge exceeding120CM ,More than one piece70KG Overcharge200/Per ticket。

UPS:The maximum weight of the piece must not exceed68KG,Single piece32KGOvercharge40Yuan/Ticket,Because the recipient address is not detailed,The change fee incurred by the changed address after arriving at the destination needs to be paid by the sender.。

fedex:Will review the declaration of goods,If the invoice name declaration is not detailed and customs clearance information is incomplete, the goods will stay in Hong Kong.

TNTFrom this year, remote areas need to increase remote expenses.,Minimum Standard50Yuan/Ticket,

In the future, express delivery will be removedEMSIn addition, if your goods cannot be cleared in the local country, the sender shall pay the fees incurred by the forced arrival and return to China.,The bill given by the four major courier companies shall prevail.。

According to the definition of both real weight and volume and the regulations of international air freight Association,
The weight of freight charged during the transportation of goods is based on the actual weight and volume weight of the whole batch of goods.(Also known as a clearance sale)Higher calculation among the two(EMSExcept,Disposable)。
Volume weight:KG=Long(CM*Wide(CM*High(CM/5000(Special is divided6000

Instructions for return

In the future, no matter what kind of goods cannot be cleared at the local customs, the sender will pay all the expenses incurred by forced delivery and return to China.,We don't know if this fee will be available before shipment.,The official company's bill will prevail. Please know!

【Transaction Process】:

Steps1:Customers deliver goods to our company through express delivery or door-to-door delivery.Customers in Shenzhen,Door-to-door pickup available(Depending on the test situation)

Steps2:The customer service will notify the customer of the arrival of the goods as soon as they receive the goods.,And check the weight of the goods、Shipping address and actual freight

Steps3:Connect customer service to the buyer,Buyers pay to Alipay(Support Alipay、Cash、Various settlement methods such as online banking)

Steps4:After confirming the customer payment information,Our company started to deliver goods,And inform the customer of the shipping tracking number

Steps5:Customers according to the delivery channel,Please confirm the loan after searching the export information on relevant websites.

Steps6:Review Transaction,End of transaction

【Buyers must see】:

Delivery time:The delivery time of channel operators shall prevail.!DueEMSThe arrival time is unstable.,If it is urgent, we recommend a better express delivery method.,For exampleDHL、UPS,fedex(Normal Aging4Working days),In order to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss to you。Belong to remote areas County, city and village Wait for the area to arrive later.。Please contact customer service in advance。

Shipping time:(Except during holidays)Average Internet time,On the same day1If you receive the goods before ordering, you can surf the Internet on the same day. Sometimes, you can surf the Internet the next day.,If the customer is particularly anxious, please explain with our customer service in advance.,Only goods are received and not delivered on weekends。

About Packaging:Please try your best to pack the goods you want to send first.(The safety of goods is closely related to packaging.),2kgThe above items must be packaged in boxes for approval.,Please pack it and paste a copy of the recipient's address on the box.,If the recipient is not convenient to package,I can pack it on behalf of you, but there is no compensation for the damage.。

Special goods:(Disc,Powder,Liquid,Battery Included,High-value electronic products,All kinds of food,Smoke,Famous Brand Products,Brand goods,Imitation brand goods,Cosmetics,Gold,Silver,Necklace,Sensitive goods,Medicine,Chemicals, etc.),Such products cannot be delivered as ordinary goods.,Consult customer service before leaving,Please cooperate,If the general goods leave, the sender will be fully responsible for the consequences.。

About compensation:Our company is purely an international express agent.,Only responsible for delivering goods to five major express companies,Internet access on normal day,Sometimes the next day,2.Due to the different laws of each country, the restrictions on imported goods are also different. Therefore, the customs clearance difficulties and delays of importing countries or customs duties are caused due to the reasons of goods.,Transit delay, etc.,The company is not responsible for compensation,Only responsible for assisting in handling inquiries from the five major Express(If the parcel is lost, the company will apply for a claim from the five major express companies according to the results of the written inquiry.,Five major Express will claim compensation according to regulations)No compensation for international express transit delay,dhl ups tnt FEDEX Normally, compensation is made according to the declared value.,The maximum compensation amount shall not exceed100USD/Ticket Goods,Customers who take high-value goods can buy insurance.。Loss of compensation standard documents-Compensation per ticket100RMB, Lost package-Compensation based on the declared value of each ticket,. Specific compensation each Express has rules.Fill on the back of the waybill.Please read carefully.Such as damage caused by improper packing or unavoidable things,Our company is not responsible

Previously, it took a long time to confirm after online query.,There are a lot of goods.Good turnover difficulty.Now you need to pay the freight before shipment!You can use Alipay,But confirm first!Thank you for your support!So that I can serve more Taobao friends,Thank you^_^
I have a special price at any time.;Welcome friends from Pearl River Delta and mainland to consult.

【Tariff】:Tariff threshold(For reference only, the latest release of customs shall prevail.):

UK:15Pound Spain:30US dollars Switzerland:100Franc

EU:22Euro United States:800US dollars Canada:20Canadian dollar

Latin America:50US dollars Brazil:46US dollars Japan:130US dollars

Singapore:307US dollars Australia:1000Australian dollar New Zealand:308US dollars(Including freight)

China:1000RMB Russia:10000Rouble


1.The above quotation does not include invoice tax and destination customs duties.,The above quotation is the latest preferential price in the market.,Price comparison,Refuse bargaining,We must pay attention to the low price is not credible

2.Please tell us the product name, quantity, amount and declared value before shipment.,If you have not specified with US,We will declare the value as usual5-50Between dollars,We are not responsible for the consequences。

3.We maintain the right to terminate all quotations at any time..Fuel surcharge changes monthly.Adjust according to international fuel price

4.This price is Shenzhen export price,Foreign customers express the goods to Shenzhen for export first。The company is not responsible for the freight from other places to Shenzhen.。

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