AG-CBCT01 импланты мирового класса стоматологический конусно-системы

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beam CT system



AG-CBCT01 Dental implant world-class dental cone beam CT system
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Product Description





As a large-scale medical imaging equipment manufacturer, Anke has been committed to the development and production of professional imaging equipment for many years. In 2014, it successfully launched the world-class DENTOM dental Cone Beam CT , which is not only rich and perfect. The company's imaging product series provides a clinical imaging solution with excellent performance and excellent image for medical institutions engaged in dental diagnosis and treatment, thus breaking the long-term monopoly of dental imaging equipment by foreign brands.

DENTOM dental Cone Beam CT is equipped with high-resolution flat panel detector, precise rotating device and advanced cone beam reconstruction algorithm. It has the advantages of high resolution and high reliability. It is used for dental medicine, ENT medical imaging diagnosis, using DENTOM. dental cone beam CT can make dental implants, orthodontics, periodontal disease, temporomandibular joint disease, jaw cyst, tumor and airway assessment, sleep monitoring, inner ear simulation endoscope and other fields in a short period of time.
research and clinical level have been greatly improved.

Super-class imported core electronic components

The detector is the core electronic component of cone beam CT . DENTOM CBCT adopts the American VARIAN TM DX series dedicated amorphous silicon panel detector with the international dental imaging gold standard . The acicular yttrium iodide scintillator coating not only effectively avoids the "scattering" phenomenon during signal transmission but also greatly improves the efficiency of X- ray use. At the same time, the flat panel detector has high radiation resistance and low radiation dose. , soft tissue resolution and other characteristics.

—— the effective imaging area 195mm x 244mm, the scanning range to ensure full coverage of the lesion

—— limiting resolution of up to 3.94LP / mm, to ensure that small lesions do not miss

——16bit dynamic range to ensure excellent density resolution of images

The integrated X- ray generation system, imported dental X- ray tube and high-voltage generator are packaged together, which not only saves space but also improves system stability.

-Tube heat capacity: 50 kHU

-Anode cooling rate: 3 25 HU / min

-Spot size: 0.5mm

-High voltage generator Power: 900W

-Voltage adjustable range: 50 ~ 90kV
Large field of view, ultra high resolution 3D imaging

Large flat panel detector using a system equipped with, DENTOM CBCT a 360 degree scan, 16cm*13cm can be obtained a large field of view, the full image information, restore the most realistic 3D image data; 360-degree scan projection image 600 is obtained, It not only improves the resolution of 2D/3D images, but also further expands its clinical application range.

-the industry's highest spatial resolution of up to 26lp / cm @ MTF2%, to provide ultra-clear dental fine structure shows you

-unique to the industry, to provide 6 seconds image preview function; the operator can evaluate the image for the first time, to avoid repeated operations after a series offailed scans,greatly improve work efficiency 

Low dose scanning for safer patient visits

Anke has a proprietary Collimation-Tracking technology . During the scanning process, the amount of X -ray output can be dynamically adjusted according to the selected region of interest in real time to reduce the radiation dose. When scanning the off-center structure, the effect is more obvious, and the radiation dose is reduced to a greater extent.The industry's unique FOV stepless adjustable technology , according to the needs of the clinical scanning area, the head positioning stroke is fine-tuned in the three-dimensional direction of up, down, left and right, and front and rear; different target areas flexibly select different scanning fields to meet various application requirements. It can also effectively reduce the radiation dose of patients.

—— FOV adjustment range: 4 cm x 4cm to 16cm x 1 6 cm , adjustable Proprietary image correction technology to improve image resolution For the needs of dental imaging diagnosis and patient characteristics, DENTOM CBCT is equipped with a variety of image correction algorithms, which can greatly improve image resolution and reduce the impact of metal artifacts and bone artifacts on diagnosis under the premise of low radiation dose .

—— MetalCARE metal artifact correction technology, greatly reducing the image quality of themetal in the mouth, significantly improving the image resolution

—— NoiseCARE noise reduction correction technology effectively reduces system noise and improves image signal-to-noise ratio

Powerful application software that better meets the needs of dental care

DENTOM is equipped with a powerful dental professional software 3D Merak . It adopts the workflow design consistent with Anke ANATOM multi-slice spiral CT , modular management, in line with the imaging doctor's operating habits, with more simple, intuitive, easy to operate, strong interaction and so on. The system has aflexible layout features, more in line with the needs of the dental film printing images; while with post-processing apparatus more in line with requirements of the dental treatment: MPR, CPR, VR, SSD , MIP modules

——The reconstructed image of MPR can be observed through cross section, sagittal plane, coronal plane and any chamfered surface

—— CPR : reconstructing the tomographic image from the 3D image data in a ratio of 1:1 , which can display the sliced surface of any thickness in layers, without image overlap and deformation, and can also display the bilateral anatomical structure of the upper and lower jaws.

—— VR: It can display 3D images intuitively and stereoscopically, which has importantguiding significance for diagnosis and treatment.

—— reconstruction of the video data from the 3D out cephalometric imaging,thereby providing a basis for imaging orthodontic

Rich clinical application to fully meet clinical needs

—— Dental implant (optional)

DENTOM can output files in standard format and import them into third-party planting software for simulated dental implants. Through the obtained 3D image data, the dental implant software can evaluate the bone and bone mass of the planting area, and clarify the relationship between the position of the implant and the adjacent anatomical structure (such as the jaw, submandibular gland, nasal cavity and maxillary sinus)

The implantation position and the optimal length and diameter of the implant can be reduced, thereby reducing the complications of vascular nerve injury that may be caused by dental implants and increasing the success rate of planting.
—— Airway analysis (optional)
—— Temporomandibular joint examination
—— Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Performance characteristics

I. Software function

1. multi-planar reconstruction function: axial, sagittal, coronal.

2. bone density measurement function.

3. distance measurement function.

4. angle measurement function.

5. mandibular neural tube annotation function.

6. Software optimization generates surface tomographic images.

7. Software optimization generates the lateral position of the skull.

8. with planting design, analysis functions.

9. three-dimensional reorganization function.

10. DICOM output function.

II. clinical application

1. multiple tooth positioning

2. maxillary impacted canine positioning

3. maxillary impact incisor positioning

4. mandibular impacted tooth positioning

5. pulp and root tip disease

6. periodontitis and alveolar bone resorption

7. external root absorption

8. root fracture

9. jaw cyst

10. benign tumor of the jaw and tumor-like lesions

11. jaw malignant tumor

12. temporomandibular joint disorders, rigidity, other diseases

13. maxillary sinus

14. in the application of orthodontic treatment

15. airway observation

16. application in planting

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