Международная логистика, Китай в Малайзию, централизованный Экспресс-авиаперевозчик и морской очистка, двусторонний налоговый пакет до двери.

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[Super peak logistics]It is a legal logistics enterprise approved by relevant government departments.,Specializing in global express delivery、Air transport、Port、Import and Export of Taiwan goods、Delivery、Warehousing and other related businesses。The company's operation department is the same as domestic and foreign airlines.、Customs cargo entry and exit port、Loading and other offices in the same building,Business operations have unique and convenient conditions.。Lots of enthusiasm、Professional staff belong to Administration Department、Operation Department、Business Center、Accounting Department、Business Promotion Department, customer service department and other departments,In a uniform architecture,Perform their duties。

LiFoot Guangdong,Radiation Port、Australia、Table,Looking to the world is[Super peak logistics]Market Overview。Under the premise of realizing this transnational Hongtu,Committed to developing the Guangdong market,Establish a solid market foundation[Super peak logistics]The primary goal。In order to achieve the goal,[Chaofeng man]With an aggressive attitude,Actively improve service quality,Order[Super peak logistics]Become a powerful listed company。

FarOverlooking future development,The Asian and Chinese markets are[Super Peak]Key objectives。[Super peak logistics]Forge ahead through target practice,Establish a trans-Asian Express network,To cater to the new trend of future WTO economic development,To further win the first reputation of Asia-Pacific Express,Then rushed out of Asia,Looking forward to the world。

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  EssenceProduct route recommendation:
  DHL、UPS、FEDEX、TNT、International express delivery,Air transport,International LCL,Pay for customs declaration and other businesses。Strong business recommendation:Hong Kong、Import and export of goods in Taiwan,Vietnam、Singapore,Thailand and other leased lines……

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