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Gelatin empty capsule high quality dark green capsules shell hot selling empty pink pill capsules


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different colors seperated  vegetarian pullulan empty capsule

What is the details of our pullulan empty capsule ?                


1. Natured-raw material, low quantity of heat and no pollution

2. Slight individual difference, good quality stability and quick and steady disintegrating

3. No cross-linking reaction and wide application

4. No toxicity with function of being safe and healthy


Pulluan capsule takes starch or carbohydrate as raw materials, through microbe fermentation producing pure natural high polymer polysaccharide product.


The polysaccharide is easy to be dissolved in water, safe, of no toxicity, edible, low calorific value. And it is of good plasticity, good film forming characteristics, good vapor barrier of thin film.


The specifications of our vegetarian empty capsule






PE bag+ Aluminum foil bag+ Six surface foam board+ Carton(size:61*41*76cm)

volume is 0.19 cubic meters per box :




80,000 pcs/ctn


100,000 pcs/ctn


140,000 pcs/ctn


180,000 pcs/ctn


220,000 pcs/ctn


300,000 pcs/ctn


20'common container can hold about 144 cartons empty capsules,

40'common container can hold 300 cartons empty capsules





 High quality empty capsules 300 wholesale empty gelatin capsules green hot sell empty gelatin capsules size 3High quality empty capsules 300 wholesale empty gelatin capsules green hot sell empty gelatin capsules size 3


R & D Technology


The introduction and application of the world's advanced high-tech sterile workshop, Cong raw materials audit to the production, assembly, packaging production lines, the whole process of sterile isolation, so that products 100 percent of the safety and health, so that customers more at ease with the use! . .



High quality empty capsules 300 wholesale empty gelatin capsules green hot sell empty gelatin capsules size 3


 1.How to buy your products ?


Do you have disinbutor in our couty? You can buy the products from our company drectly Normally the


procedure is:Sign the contact ,payment byTT, coniact the shipping company 10 del iwery the goods to your



2. What is the warranty? 


The free warranty is one year from the day of Commissioning qualified. 

3.Can we visit your country ? 


Of course,we will prepare for everything in advance if it is necessary .Generally,it is require that customers must have build agency relationship or business relationship with o


ur company. 

4.How long is the validity of quotation? 


Generally,our price is valid within one month from the date of quotation .The price will be adjusted appropriately according to the price fluctuation of raw material and changes in market . 

5.Do you have the CE certificate ? 


Yes, most of our products have the CE + ISO so on. 

6.What is your delivery time? 


The time of delivery is 4-7 days after received your payment, by fast express.15~35 days by sea.2~6 days by air to buyer’s nearest air port. 

7. What is the payment terms?


Payment can by TT to our company account , LC  / ALIBABA  / PAYPAL  / WEST UNION  / payoneer  /  and RMB !!!


Thank you appreciate to coming!!

wish you a beautiful life!!!!

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