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PVC formwork for concrete

Product Description

PVC formwork is a new kind materials formwork made of PVC materials.

It shares the same sizes and function or usage with troditional plywood formwork, but in  much better property and performance. Especially in reuse times, this PVC formwork can reuse 50 times on average take the 15mm thickness as an example.

pvc formwork for concrete


Packaging & Shipping

1. Bulk packing. 

This packing way usually for full contianer, and put the the formwork directly load into the contianer. 

Foam and Decorative Concrete Forms


2. Pallet packing:

This packing way usually use for LCL shipping, less than a contianer quantity. 

pvc formwork for concrete 

Company Information

Shandong Green Plastic is a manufacturer and trading company focus on plastic products exporting. High quality goods and professtional exporting experience are our advantages. This earns us high reputation from overseas and China domestic customers. Now except China domestic market, we also export USA, AU, Canada, UK, Vietnam, Mexico ect. more than 45 countries. Now our goods is widely use the most corners around the world. We located a nice palce where its convenient comunications and facilities. Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Provice. A vibrant city and company welcome your visiting and inquiries. 

pvc formwork for concrete 


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are 100% manufaturer with more than 15 tears experience. 

Q: How long is your lead time?

A: Normally 7-10 days after deposit. If 100% deposit can finish 3 days in advance.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: Yes, sample usually in 15*10cm or 30*20cm size, sample free but shipping fees bore ny customers first time, will refund you after place order. 

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: 30% TT for deposit and balance payment before ship. 

Q: Can do DDU, DDP price term. 

Of course, now ship to USA and Canada, most customers do this way.

pvc concrete formwork




Width: 1220mm

Length: 2440mm is the normal one, but can be length according to your requirements.

Color: Blue 

Density: 650-700KGS/M^3 


Common sizes and thickness contianer loading situation: 


2440*1220*12mmblue23-24kgs708 pcs1206 pcs
2440*1220*15mmblue29-30kgs566 pcs965 pcs
2440*1220*18mmblue34-35kgs472 pcs805 pcs


pvc concrete formwork


1. More reuse times make it cost saving:

 PVC formwork can be reused ≥ 50 times. This means the lifespan of 1 piece of PVC formwork equals to ≥ 5 ~ 20 pieces of plywood formwork or some other materials formwork.

pvc concrete formwork

2. Share the same size and thickness with plywood formwork panel:

This formwork comes with the same sizes and applications or functions or usages as conventional troditional plywood formwork, including for wall, beam, slab, column, stairs, tunnel, bridge, etc. 

Its usage in preparing, handling, installation and assembly are same as using plywood formwork.

No need to change the previous formwork system when replacing or using together with the formwork.

pvc concrete formwork

3. Share the same function, usage and treatment ways with plywood:

 PVC formwork  has excellent screw holding strength, can be freely saw, cut, drill, nail, and shaped into any sizes as desired. 

Workers may prepare the formwork as the same way that they use conventional plywood formwork.

No additional training or special tools required for workers to handle the product.

plastic shuttering boards

4. Never Delaminates or split into layers:

PVC concrete formwork adopts the foaming technology, not layerinng or laminating. It will never delaminate even after reusing 50+ times. 

So it can be reused continually unless it is badly cracked by violent construction (such as throwing hardly frequently).

pvc formwork for concrete

5. Hard and smooth Surface:

Our mirror surface technology ensures PVC formwork smooth surface, and is able to maintain its smoothness even after reusing for 50+ times. This helps ensuring all the wall surface in uniform smoothness across first to top floor and no need any oil or release agent.

plastic formwork in malaysia

6. Great Load-Bearing Capacity

Our PVC concrete formwork has good surface hardness with excellent strength in during high impact. This is another important reason why it can be reused 50+ times in a plain wood support structure.  

pvc formwork for concrete

7. Nice Bending Strength and Elasticity

Our formwork has excellent bending strength. You can curve it freely in your round formwork structure.

Even in winter, our PVC panel maintains its elasticity in bending. Non-fragile.

round column formwork

8. Flame retardant and fire resistant:

With special formula and technology, the PVC ormwork is anti-flaming. This effectively reduces the fire risk and limits the spread of fire and keep the site safty more.

If using plywood, the effect will be not good, workers need to implement more additional fire precautions and protection measurements at site.

pvc formwork for concrete

9. Weatherproof Against Harsh Environment, UV resistant, Chemical Resistant, Anti-corruption. 

This ormwork is 100% waterproof, UV resistant, chemical/acid/alkali resistant.

So it is durable enough to be used, stored or placed at outdoor environment without the need of any protection, including under the weather of raining, snowy, no matter in summer or winter.

pvc concrete formwork

10. Hot Weather Resistant and Freezing-thawing Resistant.

The PVC formwork has good resistance against hot or cold extremely temperature. 

It shows no shrinkage, bulge, cracking or any sign of deformation under -40℃ to +75℃. Actually, it can hold 200+℃, which is the temperature of  the manufacturing process.

Non-fragile in winter. You can put it outside without special curing in snowy weather. We have customers in South Asia and Middle East countries, where it can work well under high temperature.

pvc formwork for concrete

11. No Need Any Releasing Oil or Agent, Easily Releasing and Cleaning Maintance

With sustaining smooth surface and excellent hardness, PVC concrete formwork doesn't stick concrete stubbornly, which ensures it to be easily leaned with water+mop.

No releasing agent or oil is required before and during concrete demoulding process. Easily cleaning.

Easily demoulded by hands, leaving the wall surface smooth and glossy without the need of secondary plastering.

plastic shuttering boards

12. Return and Replacement

PVC is one of the most popular plastic materials in the world. It is easy to resell used PVC concrete formwork to related plastic industries, with higher returns than used plywood formwork. Such as PVC tubes, plastic furniture, cabinet, box, etc.

For full sizes, you can reuse them continually or rent out to other projects;

For small parts, you can can re-sell them to related industries. 

pvc formwork for concrete

13. Eco-friendly

Our PVC formwork is made of PVC material only, never add any wood powder. It adopts foaming technology, not layer or laminated, no any glue is used in manufacturing. So it is environment friendly, doesn't discharge any infectant or toxic gas. It is in accordance with environmental trend of the earth.

pvc formwork for concrete



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