XTEP 160X 2,0 Мужская Спортивная обувь для бега, кроссовки для марафона treding Цвет Новое поступление

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Wuhan Marathon S.E. – 160X 2.0 “LeiHuo”
*Named after the two hospitals fighting against the virus at the frontier in Wuhan during the hardest time in 2020, this special colorway is to pay homage to Chinese people’s determination, courage and strength showcased in the battle against the pandemic.
*Sakura represents Chinese people’s aspiration for a better life post-pandemic.

*Wuhan is a city of heroes that has made remarkable achievements through its fast responses.
The swift decision to postpone the Wuhan Marathon reminds everyone again how fast Wuhan has responded to the spread of Covid 19:
Successful lifted lockdown in only 76 days;
Completed the building of two makeshift hospitals to fight the virus in only 240 hours;
Dispatched 42,000 medical workers from across the nation to support Wuhan in only 20 days;

*The 160X 2.0 Wuhan S.E. is to pay homage to what this city has done in the pandemic.
It is Wuhan’s relentless efforts that has shown how fast and how strong people is.
*In the 48 hours after the suspension of Wuhan Marathon, what we see is Wuhan’s flourishing development, Wuhan people living a happy life and Wuhan in orderly governance.
The suspension of Wuhan Marathon is for the good of the city and its people and we all look forwarding to its reactivation.

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