Звезда потолочные панели с красивыми дырочками волоконно-оптической звезды потолочный светильник RGB свет с 7 видов цветов

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Our STAR CEILING PANELS are state of the art modular star panel systems that create the most realistic night sky effects while providing acoustical value to your space.The system includes a proprietary LED Light Source that can generate special effects such as 3 different twinkle modes,shooting stars,Meteor showers, Constellations, Fireworks, Planets,Space Ships with Interactive Laser Beams, Nebula's,Milky way Effects, and logos / custom type or script.our panels are made in house with our talented artists and no two panels are identical.


1.Indoor ceiling decoration
2.Audio-Visual rooms


1.Strong decorative:
The artistic effects of colors are diverse, full of dynamic, texture and space. At the same time, the optical fiber is flexibly transmitted, which can freely guide the light to the desired location according to different ideas.

2.High security:
Realize the photoelectric separation, the optical fiber part does not carry any electric energy and heat energy, under any circumstances contact with the luminous optical fiber can ensure safety.

3.Health and Environmental Protection:
The light emitted by the fiber optic illumination filters the cold light of infrared and ultraviolet rays. The light color is soft and pure, and does not generate heat. It reduces the environmental burden on the air-conditioning system and achieves high efficiency and energy saving while protecting the health of eyesight.

4.Long service life, easy operation and maintenance:
The service life of the optical fiber itself is more than 20 years, one installation, unlimited use. Switch operation and maintenance are simple and convenient. In case of moving house, it can be reused in the new home after being demolished.


Product Name
Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panel
Polyester Fiber Board + Fiber Optic
Color of Panel
Black, Navy Blue, Picture Print(at least 300dpi)
Size of Panel
60x60cm, 60x120cm
Full Colors RGB
Fiber Diameter
0.5mm, 0.75mm
Thickness of Panel
Working Voltage
10-90W, Depend on the Size
No. of Fiber
45-150pcs/sqm, Depend on the Pattern
Fireproof Level
Class B2
Magnetic Mount, magnetic on 4 corner of each panel
Special Effects
Moon, Star, Storm, Shooting Stars, Meteor Showers, Constellations and custom type
Size of Shooting Stars
Length in 1.2/1.8meter
Size of Storm
Diameter in 1.8meter
Remote Control

Installation Instructions

1. The 110V/220V power cord must be reserved on the top surface, and a three-hole 10A socket panel must be prepared. The wall is reserved for wall switches.

2. Fix the light steel keel on the ceiling.

3. There is a magnet on the panel, just stick the panel on the keel one by one. For safety reasons, the keel is tied with a rope.

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1.How big is a standard size panel?
Our standard Star Ceiling panels are 600mm ×1200mm or 600×600mm and are just 10mm deep. Panels can also be custom cut to any size needed.
2.How many stars are in each panel?
Each standard panel has 20 fiber optic stars (30 per s/m) on our unique flock velour surface.
3.Are the joints of the panels visible after installation?
In a room with reasonable light control, as in most home theaters, the joints are not visible.The only time joints, are visible is where a lot of natural light is present through large picture windows with the curtains opened. In this instance some fiber nap variation may also be apparent.

4.How much power to they use?.
Each panel only draws 3 watts of power. Up to 50 panels can be powered by one small 5v, 1.2A power supply.

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Shenzhen Smx Display Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacture and export UHD Projection Screens, Stage Holographic System, 180°/270°/ 360° Hologram Display Showcase, Large Pyramid Holographic Display and other projection related products.

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