P1-4,0 супер высокий коэффициент усиления проекционный экран PICO дружественный персональный экран 99.3% цветопередача самоклеющиеся легко установить

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40 inch or Customized
Model Number 
Light silver grey
Accept Customized Logo
Coating on PET
Projection Film
200 g
Plastic sheet
Home, Hotel, Office

technical specifiations

product display

Company Profile

Yacovia (Guangdong) Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture, located one beside the beautiful Songshan Lake. The company is an optical R & D, production and sales enterprise, with series of unique optical patents, we aim to become the leader in the field of projection display market with our meta-material based technology .

Yacovia was founded in 2017 by American scientist - Sam Balshah, Sam had been researching LMMT technology in the United States for over six years before coming to China. During his three years in China, he has completed the localization of materials and the polishing of the manufacturing process, so that market-oriented products can be successfully released today.

Contrary to general believe, more than 60% of the light emitted from the projector is not seen by the viewers. Yacovia's founders are committed to solving this problem by using patented Meta-material based Matrix. Our new generation of projection screens capitalizing Light Manipulation Matrix Technology (LMMT) promise you with top-quality visual display in any lighting environment.

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Q1:What is super high gain Projection film?
A1:Standard white screen can only give you less than 1.2 gain, P1 Super High Gain screen can deliver more than 3 times of brightness that a conventional white screen can give you.

Q2:How can I use P1?
A2:It you are using PICO projector with less than 500 ANSI lumen, P1 is your best choice, it can improve your viewing quality by more than 300%

Q3:Where and how P1 can be installed?
A3:P1 is a sticking film, it can be applied on any smooth and flat surface such as Galss and walls

Q4:What are the others benefits of P1?
A4:Other than the stunning brightness, P1 also gives you the vivid color and good ambient light fighting capability.

Q5:What needed to be watch out for P1?
A5:P1 has a relatively narrow viewing angle, it is suitable for one or two viewers to watch from the 90°+/-20°Angle

Q6:Can we make other screen products from P1?

Q7:What is the minimum order for volume production?
A7: 1000 SQM

Q8:Do you want to develop distributor in our region?
A8:Let’s discuss

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