Custom OEM Professional 2 pcs Packed Grease Fishing Reel Lube Bearing Oil and Gear Grease Maintenance Grease Lubricant Set

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Product name
High-performance Grease and Lube Set for Fishing Reel
20ml solid grease+20ml liquid lubricant
Product Features
Lubrication: Improve the lubrication of the fishing wheel, improve the feel. 
Anti-attrition:Avoid gear wear caused by hard friction.
Maintenance: Protect gear meshing surface to slow down oxidation. 
Cleaning: Prevent foreign matter into the meshing surface to avoid latch.
Suitable for all fishing reels

Lubricant Oil: 20ml

Mainly applied to the bearing and friction gap.

Mainly used for fishing rod reel parts.

It has good oxidation stability and can reduce or avoid the production of sludge.

Low kinematic viscosity, low resistance, can quickly penetrate into the fine gap to lubricate the maintenance parts



Blue solid grease: 20ml

Mainly applied to gear discs, gears and brake pads.

Can be used for metal plug lubrication.

Suitable for lubrication of fully enclosed gear devices and turbine reduction devices requiring noise reduction and extended service life.



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