Латунный современный кухонный смеситель черного цвета с настенным креплением

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Product Description

BenHome Sanitary Ware Hardware Products.

Kitchen Fauect, Basin Faucet, Shower and Bathroom Accessories.
We provide OEM/ODM, print your LOGO, and CUSTOM MADE PACKAGE.


Product Name
Brass Modern Kitchen In Wall Mount Faucet Black BH1B052
Nominal Pressure
Seat Diameter
Inlet and Outlet Pipe Diameter
Opening Method
Lift Type
Operating Temperature
Functional Category
Mixed Faucet
Structure Type
Single Unit
Easy to Installation

Why Choose Brass Faucet?
Advantages of brass faucet:
The performance of copper, which can quickly kill super bacteria like MRSA in half an hour, and prevent bacteria from producing antibodies.(The inner wall of the copper faucet does not breed bacteria).
This is an advantage that other materials (such as stainless steel and plastic) do not have.

Copper chromium plating:
Copper and some of its alloys have good corrosion resistance and are stable in dry air. However, a layer of green basic carbon copper Cu2(OH)2CO3 can be formed on the surface of the moist air, which is called patina. The copper chromium-plated products are actually coated with a layer of nickel with high corrosion resistance under the chrome layer, and the metal chromium is easily passivated in the air, forming a very thin passivation film on the surface, thus showing the properties of precious metals . In short, regardless of durability or decorative, chrome-plated faucet is better than pure copper.

A.The use of precision ceramic valve core, high hardness, high quality ceramic valve core, comfortable and light feel, smooth and labor-saving operation,durable and no water leakage.
B.No maintenance, no wear and aging resistance.
C.It is suitable for hard water and warm water, and is not affected by gravel or sand.

Product inspection:
Strict inspection system, 100% water test before leaving the factory to ensure that the faucet does not leak. The surface has been wiped clean. It is normal for the faucet to contain water and residual water.

Precautions for installation:
A.Before installing the faucet, the dirty water,residue, sand, and impurities remaining in the water pipe should be rinsed out before installing the faucet to avoid clogging.
B.The faucet and hot and cold water pipes must be installed correctly, facing the faucet, the left side is connected with hot water, and the right side is connected with cold water.
C.Check the installation dimensions, do not force installation to avoid damage to product parts.
D.The surface is regularly scrubbed and decontaminated with a cleaning agent to keep the surface clean.
Do not use any abrasive cleaning agent, hard cloth, paper towel or steel ball, and any acidic, rough cleaning agent or soap,etc.Wipe the surface of the faucet.

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Inner Packing:One Piece Kitchen Faucet with One Bag(Plastic Bag, Individual Package).
Master Packing:20 Pieces Kitchen Faucets in Cardboard Box or White Carton.

Company Profile

@ Established in 2018.
@ Passed ISO9001-2000 & 2008
@ Supply OEM/ODM Manufacturing
@ One Hour's Drive from Guangzhou Airport


1.Why choose BenHome?
We are the professional manufacturer and supplier of Sanitary Ware Hardware Products.
Kitchen Fauect, Basin Faucet, Shower and Bathroom Accessories.

2.Do you provide OEM/ODM services?
We supply OEM/ODM Manufacturing.
Printing your LOGO,and custom made package.

3.How about the quality guarantee?
More than 5 years warranty.

4.How about the shipment date?
Quantity less than 1000pcs, it takes 3-7days.
More than 1000pcs, 10-15days.

Pls feel free to contact us and welcome to make a cooperation!

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