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Product Description

1. please inform us the following information for a clear quotation
2. How many pcs do you need;
3. Size (( Lx D x H )and specific product style you need;
4. The surface treatment you require;
5. Detailed Delivery Address;
6. Supported payment method

1.Working Frequency: 2.4Ghz
2.Material: ABS
3.Waterproof level: IPX45
4.Display area: 1.5 inch (diagonal)
5.Technology: E-paper and dot -matrix display.
6.Product size:40x49x16mm
8.Visual angle:175°
9.Working temperature: 0~30 ℃
10.Language: no limit
11.Battery Life: CR2477x1(work life >5 years),it can be replaced
12.Performance:Zero power consumption to keep the price information.
13.Display Color:black&white
15.Support update online

Customer case

How to use

ESL electronic shelf label system is mainly composed of three parts: backstage management system, base station and label
In order to facilitate the maintenance and installation of the system, we have added PDA handheld devices and installation

System introduction
woesl electronic tag is an electronic tag with interactive information display ,device can be automatically updated on the shelves of commodity prices, commodity information parameters timely synchronized online and offline (price change, stock inventory,etc.), to optimize and improve the frequency of promotion within retail stores.

The core of the electronic price transmission system
Base station
(Through the wireless network (2.4G) is connected with the electronic tag)
1). Working Frequency: 2.4Ghz
2). Coverage: radius 15-20 m
3). Power: input DCSV/POE
4). Embedded Linux operating system
5). Support 4G Internet
6). Support for online upgrades
PDA handheld device
1).size: 155*70*24 (mm)
2).Display: 4 inch color TFT-LCDWVGA (800*480) touch screen
3).Network connections: wifi
4).Bluetooth: 4.0
5).Working temperature:  -10℃~50℃
6).Purpose: bind, unbind electronic price tag, query inventory
7).Installation system:  Android 
8).Standby time: 30 hours
9).Battery: 4300mAh

A small base station, compact appearance, can be plugged into the notebook USB port for direct use, and the role of the big base station

Backstage management system
1.You can see the ESL binding and pricing state
2.Free replacement of electronic tag template drawing function
3.The system has a built-in database without the need to install third party software
4.Timing backup function
5.Multi data docking method, easy to connect with the retail management system, ERP system and other butt management

1).Operation management automation
2).Automatic monitoring and warning mechanism
3).Data encryption transmission
4).Battery life more than 5 years
1).A key change the price
2).Remote upgrade of system software
3).ESL automatic wheel patrol mechanism
4).Power off can continue to work
5).installation is simple and easy to operate
1.)The price tag template customization
2).Multilingual environment
3).Compatible with a variety of terminals and platforms
4).Accessories rich, adapt to a variety of scenes

About accessories

size: 60*60*77(mm)
color: white
material: ABS
suitable size : 4.2 inch
size: 63*44*35(mm)
color: white
material: POM
suitable size : 2.1 inch or 2.9 inch
back splint
size: 43*38(mm)
color: transparent
material: PC
with 3 m adhesive
uitable size : 2.1 inch or 2.9 inch
Fixed electronic price tag

price ticket
Length: 750mm or 900mm (customizable)
size: W37*T22(mm)
color: transparent
material: PC
Install price bars on the shelves and label the price bars
Promotion transparent plastic frame
size: H75*W39*T15 (MM)
color: transparent
material: PC
suitable size : 2.1 inch or 2.9 inch
size: 47*37*25 (MM)
color: transparent
material: PC
suitable size : 2.1 inch or 2.9 inch
Fixed electronic price tag

waterproof cover
size: 115*115*20 (MM)
color: transparent
material: PC
suitable size : 4.2 inch
assembled clamp
size: 105*55 (MM)
color: white
material: ABS
size:50*20 (MM)  or 70*50(mm)
Electronic labels on detachable price tags
Removable battery pack
suitable size : 2.13 inch or 2.9 inch

Sample package of complete equipment
Accessories need to be paid extra, samples support the whole set of purchase

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