Premium THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBG Distillate-Girl Scout Cookie Terpene Blend 85%+ Profile with 3%-5% Minors

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Broad Spec Descripti

Premium Broad Spectrum CBG Distillate 85% Cannabinoid Profile with 3% - 5% Minors


Our luxury Distilled Broad Spectrum CBG Distillate is sourced from local farms in San Diego, CA. Our team of scientists use organic solvents to extract the pure compound from the rest of the materials in the hemp extracts. 

  • Sourced from local organic farms
  • Federal Farm Bill Complaint in all 50 states and for export outside the US. 
  • Honey-like yellow distillate
  • Smell: Odorless
  • Taste: Light hemp bitter after taste

Water soluble: Possible. Please contact us for pricing information. 

Suitable for use in: Topicals, edibles, sublingual sprays, oil formulations, patches, bath bombs, and many more. 





Certificate of Authenticity is available upon on request. We have a Certificate of Authenticity for every batch that is processed.


*Guaranteed THC Free*

Packaging & Shipping

Custom packaged to every order. Lead times vary depending on quantities. Anything below 20 kilograms can be shipped out within 5 business days. 

Our Services

1. Wholesale Isolates, Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum

2. Wholesale Specialized In-house Custom Formulations (For specific uses such as sleep aid, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, regenerative, etc.)

3. White-Label (Unlabeled) Products

Our MOQs differ upon the type the product. These come without a label.

4. Private-Label Products
You provide the branding material or we help you design it. Your brand, we make the luxury products.

5. Samples
We have samples available, we encourage our customers to buy them and lab test them. All samples are fully refundable upon completion of your first purchase order.

Company Information

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Based out of San Diego, CA, Remedy is an R&D focused company in a mission to change people lives by raising the standards of scientific standards of innovation in the cannabinoid industry. We create premium hemp extracts with high cannabinoid potency that our customers use to put into their cosmetic, lifestyle, and other products. 

We believe that the legalization of hemp (federal) is one of the most impactful changes that this century will see. These chemical compounds have already proven to have a great impact in improving people's daily quality of life. Leading with science, we are in the forefront of players that make personalized cannabinoids accessible to hundreds of thousands of consumers in the world.


Science First 

Our team of PhD scientists focus on making luxury quality materials that can go into any product to improve people's lives. 



All of our products are 100% Quality Guaranteed.


* We recommend our customers to try our samples. Any sample purchased is refundable upon completion of your first order. *


How does our process work?

1) First, we have a small text chat or phone consultation with all our customers to understand their needs and explain how we can help them. At this point we will assign you a personal account manager to be your point of contact.

2) We put together a personalized proposal for you within 24 hours. 

3) Once the order details and payment schedules are decided, we put our hands to work. 
4) Before shipping anything out, we have one of lab managers revise every single order to ensure that everything is correct with your order. 

5) We ship the material and share tracking details with you!

How are we different / better?

We focus on the science because we are experts in science. You can be assured that every gram of material that you buy is processed by professionals with over 40+ years of chemical research and manufacturing experience. 
We encourage our customers to buy a sample to try the material. All samples are refundable upon completion of your first order. 

How can you get in touch with us?

Please contact us at +1 858 945 8670

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