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Product Description


The Tinture package was created by The Spiritual Machine with the aim of allowing everyone to create their own personalized Vermouth directly at home.

Also highly recommended as a gift idea.

The package contains:

200 ml Base Red

200 ml Base White

200 ml Base Dry

50 ml Note Citrus

50 ml Note Herbs

50 ml Note Flower

50ml Note Spices

50 ml Origin Asia

50 ml Origin Africa

50 ml Origin Latin America

1 dye dropper box

Packaging & Shipping

 We ship all around the world with a beautyful box. Minimum order five boxes.

We ship from Italy in three weeks.

Company Information


Born in Turin, The Spiritual Machine designs and tailors around their customers personalized alcoholics products solely through the use of natural origin alcohol-infused botanicals.We mainly produce Vermouth, Gin, Amari, Bitter and New Spirits.

The Spiritual Machine creates and develops its own 100%

naturally-derived infusions and alcoholic basis, covering a comprehensive amount of the aromatic compounds of the spirits present in the market. The 20 different basis we offer are the result of the careful blend of 150 different botanicals.

The very heart of what we do lays in the creation of idro-alcoholic infusion bases called “Tinctures”.

Tinctures can be blended in different combinations and proportions in order to obtain different products as the final outcome.

This allows to receive the final product quickly and easily for the botanical stability shortens the stabilization process in the bottle, ensuring the desired final result.

The Spiritual Machine walks side by side with spirits professionals creating what the industry needs, when it needs it.

Our target clients are Distilleries, Wineries, Restaurant and Bars, and general companies for many marketing projects.

The Spiritual Machine supplies its tinctures even in large amounts starting from the recipe designed with the client.

Tincture basis are delivered according with the timing agreed with the client.

As regards Wineries The Spiritual Machine offers and produce personalized recipes pairing the what we think can follow the evolution of the wine in the bottle, expressing its potential at its best.

The Wine we receive is transformed in Vermouth, bottled and sent back in a fine packaging in order to meet the expectations our clients deserve.

The Spiritual Machine operates also in the catering and the restaurant industry from the recipe creation leading to the final packaging together with the final product.

Our order base to set up a production starts from 250 bt.

The production of tinctures and spirits is done in two main facilities we overview with our partners.

Tinctures derive from 100% natural compounds, using botanicals, natural aromas without preservants.

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