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Product Paramenters(产品参数)

Parameter table
The product name
liuzhou river snails rice noodle
place of origin
Liuzhou, Guangxi, China
The weight of the
Bag Packing
Taste the Custom, OEM, ODM and other services
Storage conditions
Normal Temperature Storage

Products Description(产品描述)

We are a professional production factory
◆Guangxi Shanyuan Food Co., Ltd. owns the largest river snails rice noodle production factory in the world, including JIAWEILUO,LUOQIANWEI, DINGLUOXIAN and other brands, specializing in the production of various instant food, Chinese noodles,instant noodles, river snails rice noodle, snail noodles, luosifen, self-heating hot pot, Instant Hot Pot, Hot and sour rice noodles,Internet celebrity food, Chinese food and so on
◆We provide a variety of OEM/ODM services, including taste customization, logo customization, packaging customization, etc., we will do our best to meet your needs!

Rich ingredients

rice noodle
This rice noodle is made from selected aged rice and is combined with a delicate wire drawing process for a chewy texture
river snail soup
Boiling river snails and pig bones and simmering them for eight hours with 13 spices creates a broth with a unique, rich flavor
Sour Bamboo Shoot
The sour bamboo shoots soaked and fermented in mountain spring water have a wonderful flavor and are crispy and delicious to eat

fried dried beancurd sticks
Soybean as raw material, after processing through low temperature frying made, golden color crisp taste, absorption of soup more delicious
Chilli oil
Fried in pure rapeseed oil with high quality local chillies, it tastes spicy and mellow, perfect for customers who like to eat spicy food
fried peanuts
Fried fresh peanuts at high temperatures give them a rich, crisp texture that takes the flavor to another level

tree ear+Dried radish+sour long beans
Agaric tree ear is rich in nutrition and delicious in taste
Dried radish has long fragrance and mellow taste
The sour long beans are fragrant and crisp
Sour Vinegar
This is an important seasoning, which enriches the taste of river snails rice noodle and makes the aroma more delicious and mellow
The finished product
of river snails rice noodle is made with these unique side dishes,Eating a bowl of hot and sour river snails rice noodle and having a sip of its tangy soup will make you feel warm and fresh

Simple comparison

river snails rice noodle
Liuzhou river snails rice noodle contain a variety of delicious side dishes, rich nutrition, taste with sour, spicy, fresh,
fragrant and other characteristics, people linger on
Plain instant noodles×
No rich side dishes, few ingredients, single taste

Cooking methods

1.Open the rice noodle bag, put it into a pot, add water, boil for 10-15 minutes, remove the rice noodle and pour away the water

2. Add water, bring to a boil, add soup bag, rice noodles, sour bamboo shoots bag, wooden ear sour bean radish dried bag, cook for 2 minutes

3. After cooking, add fried dried beancurd sticks bag, peanut bag, chili oil bag, stir well


Enjoy food anytime, anywhere

Daily meals
Share with family and friends

Company Profile(公司简介)

Company profile
We are a comprehensive food enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. The raw materials are 100% from liuzhou local, according to the old liuzhou process. The daily output reaches 300,000 packets. We have our own production base and high-quality raw material suppliers. We strictly control every production process to ensure that consumers can eat healthy and
safe food

Manufacturing Technique(制造技术)

Automated plant
In order to expand production and brand influence, we settled in the local industrial concentration area, signed a contract in Liuzhou technology industry factory, expand more than 18,000 square meters, fully realize the integration of automation and intelligent logistics. At present, the company has more than 400 employees, and its main business is divided into online e-commerce, offline marketing and OEM industries, with a daily output of 300,000 packages

Transport logistics(运输物流)

Professional logistics team
We attach importance to every transaction, no matter the size of the order, we will track the logistics, escort your goods, will let the goods safely and quickly to the destination

mode of transport
We have reached strategic cooperation with many international logistics companies, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX and so on.Transportation means include sea, land, air and various countries. We will choose the most efficient logistics to deliver goods for you
Transport efficiency
We have long-term close cooperation with insurance, port, customs, commodity inspection and other departments, with a variety of logistics solutions, can provide you with safe, rapid, accurate and high-quality freight services, effective cost saving
Customs clearance
We have a professional logistics team, responsible for handling customs declaration, customs clearance, insurance and other businesses, tracking logistics information throughout the process, to provide a strong guarantee for your cargo transportation



1.Q: Are you a factory or trading company ?
A: We are a OEM/ODM factory.
2.Q: When will you make the delivery ?
A:We can make the delivery within7-15 working days according to the quality of your order.
3.Q: What's your Certification ?
A:We have obtained IFS, BRC, ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP certification
4.Q:Why I choose you ?
A:1) We provide 7*24-hour customer service.
2) We provide the most competitive products and delivery service on - time.
3) We also provide customers with unique packaging, customized taste, to meet the needs of different customers
5.Q:What payment terms do you support ?
A:We support T/T, L/C and Cash

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