Экономичная сушильная машина для кукурузы, сельскохозяйственная сушилка для сельскохозяйственных растений, сельскохозяйственная сушилка для индигоферы

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Open style heat pump dryer uses electric to drive compressor to work, obtains 300% ~ 500% heat energy from ambient air, heats
materials in drying room, and exhausts air to dry goods. The open style heat pump dryer can heat up quickly, and it is suitable
for high temperature area, such as southern China, or in summer will be much better. It is suitable for drying goods which is
This air energy heat pump dryer can be applied to the following fields, Flowers, Ginseng, Medlar, Chrysanthemum, all kinds of
Chinese medicine. Also, Fruits and vegetables, Bamboo shoots, Seafood, Bacon, Preserved fruit, Edible fungi, Sweet potato, Fish,
Meat and other agricultural, animal meat. Also, Sludge, printing, textile, electroplating, ceramics, rubber. Even clothed can be
dried by this machine.


Drying Dehydrator Materials

Product Description

1, Save energy. Compared with the traditional electric heating drying equipment, the power consumption is reduced by more than
60%. No pollution to the drying product and environment.
2, Safe and intelligent. Touch screen operation, simple and intelligent, efficient and convenient.
3, High quality of drying product. Intelligent control can keep the drying product color and nutrition.
4, Save time and labor. The air supply is uniform, and there is no need to manually turn over the drying products.
5, Auto temperature control. The temperature control system is adopted to ensure the reasonable temperature and humidity required
for drying products.
6, The structure is reasonable. Convenient installation and maintenance, stable operation and simple use.
7, High utilization. With different seasons, different products can be dried in the same drying room.
8, Clean. The airtight room does not contact with the external environment, which ensures the quality of drying goods.
9, Durable. Using high quality compressor, multiple protection, life time up to 15 years.
10, Wide temperature operation. The outdoor temperature range is -10-43℃, and the indoor temperature is 30-75℃.

Energy Saving Cost Saving

Product Paramenters

Power supply
3-phase 380V/50Hz
Protection level
electric-shock safeguard
Environmental temperature
Drying temperature
Power of heating
Input power
Heating power
Max. input power
Max. input current
Recirculating air volume
Moisture exhaust
Compressor style
Jet, increased enthalpy, Vortex
Mixed refrigerant/2x4.6kg
Temperature tolerance
Heating temperature protection
Max. pressure of Exhaust/High pressure
Max. pressure of Return/Low pressure
Overall size
Net weight

Company Profile

Guangzhou looker intelligent equipment co., ltd Shorted as "LOOKER", is a well-known professional manufacturer of heat pump
dryers. The company focuses on R&D, production, sales and after-sales of heat pump drying products, and provides comprehensive
drying solutions. As a green new energy company, LOOKER has the purpose to "Only produce the most professional heat pump dryer".

In China, LOOKER has a complete system of manufacturing heat pump dryers, and also heat exchangers and sheet metal parts , with a plant area of 30,000 squaremeters. Absorption and perfection are the concepts of designing. Concentrating to let all walks of life get benefit from our heat pump dryer, it will become the sexy production labeled"professional, creative, personalized".

LOOKER focus on the development of heat pump drying technology, to solve the problems by using electrical heating and boiler. To be now, we have been successful at many cases of wood, mushroom, grains, tobacco, dynamic drying etc.

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