Подвесной гигроскопический влагостойкий осушитель для гардероба, подвесная сумка для кухни и ванной

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Product Description

What does dehumidifier bag do?
Eliminates musty odors, and prevents mold and mildew.
The damp trap hanging moisture absorber lasts up to 60-180 days.
great for closets, basements, bathrooms, medicine cabinets, kitchen etc.
Instructions: open the clear plastic bag, hang in the coloset. Replace the Damp trap after 60 days.
Caution: Do not mix with other chemicals, keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not release the moisture absorbing material to contact clothing directly.

Product Highlights:
Absorb 40% of its weight in water vapor
Protect your valuables; eliminate mildew and rust
Each packet is self-sealed, strong and tear resistant


Product name
Hanging dehumidifier bag 
Calcium chloride granules
Material net weight 
105g / OEM
Water absorbing capacity 
Package material 
Tyvek paper & PET
Moisture absorbing 
Shelf life
1.5years when sealed
Reach, Rohs, DMF free, MSDS etc.
superior desiccant

Packing & Delivery

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Company Profile


1) How long can container dry pole be usefully stored?
The shelf life of around 24 months (although practical experience has shown
that it can often far exceed this). The crucial factor is to keep it in a sealed environment until it is needed for use - it will,
of course, adsorb moisture from any environment. Although the moisture uptake rate is not fast, small sachets can be particularly vulnerable to poor storage conditions - it is recommended that they are not left open to the atmosphere for longer than 30 minutes.

2) How much water vapour can CaCl2 Container desiccant hold ?
Calcium chloride will adsorb up to 300% of its own weight in moisture.

3) Do Calcium chloride dangerous?
Calcium chloride is non-toxic and non-flammable, it is very inert with a very high ignition point. It is very much like floor and
thus can safely be sent by any means of transport.

4) What’s your advantage compared with your competitor?
Quality Control & Stability: have professional QC team to make sure all product meet your requirement. Reasonable Price: the company is striving to offer more flexible and win-win price. Satisfying OEM design: professional design department can help customer to make their brand packing design, and Excellent OEM service to realize customer brand packing.
Superior Costomer Service: Fast response within 24 hours, years of experiece in customer service such as problem solving, logistic delivery, marketing and after-sale supports

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