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Product Description


Pulse valve mainly used in environmental dust industries. electromagnetic pulse valve is a pulse jet bag filter cleaning system of compressed air "switch." resistance control pulse controller output signal, bag-by-room injection cleaning, so dust is maintained within the set range, in order to ensure processing power and dust collection efficiency.

Working principle:

Electromagnetic pulse valve is a compressed of electromagnetic pre-head ,diaphragm and valve body.The back cavity of the diaphragm is bigger than the front cavity.The diaphragm is kept at the closed position due to the effect of big pressure.
Electric control cabinet inputs electronic signal so that the electromagnetic armature attracts the moving bar. Unclose the balancing hole to release the pressure gas in the back cavity of the diaphragm quikly ;the pressure gas in the font cavity holds up the diaphragm to open the passage and the pulse valve starts blowing.


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