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Light Source
LED Strips, LED Modules
Input Voltage
Working Lifetime
50000 hours
Power Consumption
Low Power Consumption
Companies, hotels, conventions, restaurants, bars, School, office
Placement, Suspension, Screws,Bracket
Showpiece/ notice/advertising
Place of Origin
Chongiqng China
Main Material
Stainless steel, marble, alloy, PVC
Power Supply
Working Temperature(℃)
2 years
Any Shape can be done as request
Letters,Graphics, Numbers
Modern, Retro, Classic, Simple, Abstract...
After-sales service
Online technical support

Product Description

Packing & Delivery

Carton packing, wooden box shipment, There is padding in the box to prevent bumps

Company Profile

Dangdai Digital (Chongqing) Company Limited was established in nineteen ninety eight. The company is located in Jiangbei District, Chongqing. For 23 years, it has been providing customers with logo, signage design and production. Dangdai Digital (Chongqing) Company Limited has an independent design team, sales service team, mature manufacturing process and factory.
The production factory is located on Haier Road, Chongqing, covering an area of about one thousand three hundred square meters. The factory is equipped with large-scale inkjet printing machines, cutting machines, laser engraving machines, acrylic polishing machines, plate shears and other professional equipment and production technicians. The factory can produce and process products of various materials such as metal, acrylic and glass. The products produced are of various styles, which can meet the various needs of customers.
Since its establishment, Dangdai Digital (Chongqing) Company Limited has provided three-dimensional(3D) characters, advertising signs, business brand signs, road signs, light boards, light boxes, billboard and other products for government agencies and corporate projects in major cities in China. Design and product applications: architecture Real estate, hotel and catering, electronic information technology, home furnishing and other industries have won a good reputation in the industry and the trust of customers through many years of production and operation.
Excellent design concepts and strictly controlled production quality has made Dangdai Digital (Chongqing) Company Limited one of the most influential and competitive logo,signage design and production companies in China.


1.Q: Why chooses us?
A:: Since Dangdai has 23 years of design and production experience in the sign industry since its establishment in 1998, we have matured designs and high-quality products, have a good reputation for the industry, and are worthy of customers' trusted.

2.Q: I had my own logo or design drawing, can I use it?
A: Yes, customers can provide their own design drawings, select materials through communication, determine the size, and we will produce.

3. Q: Can I customize the logo and pattern?
A: Yes, you can communicate with the salesperson. We provide customized design services to design and produce signs according to your need.

4. Q: Why is the price of the sign different?
A: Our products are customized. According to the customer's requirements, the materials used, the production size and the production technology are different, so the prices are also different. If you are interested in our products, you can contact the salesperson to ask for the specific price.

5. Q: What is your shipping packaging?
A: Our transportation packaging varies according to the length of the transportation distance. If it is land transportation, we will package the products according to the standards required by the logistics company. If it is sea transportation, we will use protective padding, such as foam paper, and put it in paper boxes. The packaging box prevents collisions, and the outer shell is a wooden packaging box that meets transportation standards.

6.Q: I am care about the quality of the product, can you provided samples?
A: Yes, if you have explicit intention to cooperate with our company, we can send you a sample and hope to become your trusted supplier in the future.

7. Q: When can I receive the goods? How long is the production period?
A: According to the customer's order volume, transportation distance and product complexity, the delivery time is different. Simple signs and door plaques can usually be shipped within 7-10 days. Complex crafts and large exhibition signs take longer. For specific situations, you can contact our salesperson. We will provide the estimated construction period and according to your needs. Delivery time.

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