Высокоэффективные модульные дома Mytotel крошечный дом отвечающий разным потребностям

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Mytotel Prefabricated Houses China Prefab Villa House Luxury Wooden Prefab Homes Modular House Modern Luxury Structural Sandwich Panel House Garden Office Homestay Hotel Mobile cabin

Product  name
Prefab House Mobile cabin
SSP Or Light Steel
Luxury VIP
SSP+Light Steel+OEM/ODM
Fire, Waterproof, Pest and Disaster Prevention
Mobile cabin,Hotel, Residence, Apartment, Office

Detailed Photos


5 years
After-sale Service
Online technical support, other
Project Solution Capability
graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects, Cross Categories Consolidation
Mobile cabin garden house,hotel,house,villa
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Mobile cabin Hotel, House, Kiosk,Booth, Office, Sentry Box,Guard House, Shop, Villa
Product Type
light Steel Structure+
Design Style
Structural system
light steel structure keel
Assembled Fat Pack Box House
Modular Home Luxury Mobile cabin
OEM/ODM   L3mW2.2mH2.7m
Luxury Prefabricated Houses
Mobile cabin Garden Office,Homestay,Luxury Hotel
Aluminum alloy floor-to-ceiling windows
Decorative steel and structural panels
Fast Install

Product Description

Configuration Table

Structural system: light steel structure keel, galvanized anti-corrosion steel members, screw connection, factory prefabrication,
field assembly and installation
Roof: metal profiled insulation board / metal carved insulation board + insulation layer thickness of 80mm + 9mm OSB + pine board / bamboo wood composite decorative board, options: outer board type and color pattern, interior board material and color pattern
Wall: metal profiled insulation board / metal carved insulation board + insulation layer
thickness 80mm + 9mm OSB + pine board / bamboo composite decorative board, options: outer plate type and color pattern, interior
plate material and color pattern
Floor structure: structural keel + damp proof layer + 80mm insulation layer + 18mm OSB + indoor laminate flooring / PVC floor veneer, options: indoor floor material and pattern plate type

Electrical system: electrical fuse box, led porch lamp, indoor LED lamp
Door and window glass: high grade aluminum alloy screen window integrated door and window, 5 + 12a + 5 toughened insulating glass, good sound insulation and heat insulation performance
Foundation (optional): rotary screw, specification box length depends on Soil and terrain conditions of installation location
Furniture (optional): sofa folding bed, bar office desk and chair, integrated kitchen electrical
Product transportation(optional): complete lifting and transportation of finished product auxiliary room, or assembly and transportation of components
on site

Our Advantages

1.Focus on mission
Mytotel is positioned to build livable houses with minimal design, Strive for free living and work for the balance of work, life, rest and sharing. Meitu livable's mission is to develop the technology of modular integrated housing and produce high-quality and low-cost mobile housing, so as to give mankind more freedom and the ability to pursue a better life.

The founding team of the company comes from the field of architectural design and engineering, has 25 years of experience in design and product R & D, and has won a number of architectural product awards

3.Update category
In order to achieve goals, we will continue to innovate technology and launch new products. Now, there are garden office houses, modular houses, prefabricated houses, light steel villas, container-style box houses, which are used in offices, residences, hotels, villas, etc.
4.Life span of more than 70 years
The design life of our products is more than 70 years. It is based on the adopted light steel structure system and building materials. No matter what type you want, you can reach your expectations.
5.Safe and durable
Regardless of the light steel structure system or our structural sandwich panel system, the structure is calculated to ensure safety. The modular house built by Mytotel's SSP can allow you to install it in a day, faster and more economical.

6.Packaging and shipping
Easy to pack, saving freight.
Structure sandwich panel, flat packaging, cost saving in transportation, and easy to install

7.Easy to install
Easy to install and disassemble, flexible combination, fast, labor-saving, and cost applicable to various foundation types.

8.Production capacity
A complete set of international advanced CAD numerical control production lines, 7 production lines and accessory production equipment, with a monthly output of 100,000 square meters, OEM/ODM can be provided, and the delivery time is fast

Company Profile

About us
Chengdu Meitu Livable Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2016. It is a technology company engaged in the R&D, design and sales of prefabricated buildings. Meitu Livable Technology is positioned to build livable houses with minimalist design. Our mission is to develop and sell livable modular houses so that humans have more freedom and the ability to pursue a better life. Meitu Livable Technology Co., Ltd. is the vice president unit of Chengdu Tourism Association. It is fortunate to be awarded the annual high-quality supplier by Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd., and is fortunate to be awarded by the Chengdu Tourism Association as an excellent and honest member unit. The company has 60 employees, including 15 sales personnel, 30 after-sales service personnel, 12 design and R&D personnel, and 3 quality control personnel. It has a complete business operation process and management system, and strong after-sales service capabilities. We provide drawing design With a full set of solutions and cross-field integration services, as well as online technical support and training services, the company has developed into a comprehensive service provider of prefabricated houses, facing global customers, providing prefabricated houses, garden offices, guesthouse cabins, light steel villas, and container houses. The one-stop shopping service for products and supporting furniture. Through the research and development of modular house technology, we strive to help more people have livable and low-cost mobile houses and realize their desire for a better life.

Our service
12 students with a bachelor degree or above in architectural design, from scheme to structural calculation, product technology and production, material use and installation, to provide professional services to customers around the world. A team with 25 years of senior experience can complete modularization, assembly technology, product applications, and provide customized services for customers in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia, as well as personalized OEM/ODM services.

One-stop cross-domain solution
We customize products with corresponding solutions, such as: foundation treatment, sewage treatment, intelligent systems,
furniture, electrical equipment, kitchen equipment, sanitary equipment, etc., to provide customers with high-quality products and
to arrange time and costs to save logistics and freight.

Company data
1.60 highly educated employees
2.100% pre-packaged test
3.Product support OEM customization
4.Pre-sales and after-sales support

Why choose us

MYTOTEL has obtained the Alibaba Quality Supplier Certification
and the honor of Integrity Enterprise and Vice President ofChengdu Tourism Association

Ceremony for the president of Chengdu Tourism Association to personally appoint Meitu Livable as the vice president.Based on the contribution made by Metro Livable to the industry and its excellent products and services, the honor of honest
enterprise is awarded.
The Meitu Livable team has more than 20 years of industry experience, has developed hundreds of classic products, completed more
than 1,000 projects, and has become a benchmark enterprise for tourism homestays and hotel products, leading the development of the industry.

Customer case


What are the requirements for land?
You need enough space to accommodate the mobile house, we need the crane to be able to carry out the lifting operation.

How long does it take to produce?
About 30 days, depending on the model you choose and our production schedule.

How large is the multi-function room?
It depends on which model you choose. We have 7.5 ~ 125 square meters of products, can also be customized according to your needs.

Can I have a DIY multi-function room?
yes! We have many choices for your reference. Choose layout direction, interior color scheme and material selection. In
addition,optional furniture and equipment are also provided.

How to build my multi-function room?
We build our houses according to GB standards. They are built in a controlled factory environment to facilitate efficiency
andquality control.

How to allocate water and electricity for multi-function house?
The electrical connection must be legal and local permission. If you need water in your house, you need to follow the rules
forpipe connections.

Can I adjust the temperature of the multi-function room?
yes! We offer air conditioning or electric heating floor as an upgrade option for your multi-function amplifier.

How is the payment made?
To start the project, you need to go through the platform online banking or bank, and pay the full amount before the shipment of your multi-function room. For all fees, we collect payment by electronic transfer or wire transfer. Platform guarantee can be adopted.

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