CaMg(co3)2 доломит высокой чистоты для нейтрализации кислоты в химической промышленности

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Product Description


  1. Dolomite crystals are carbonate minerals of trigonal crystal system.The chemical composition is


  2.Dolomite powder is in high purity. It is non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.

  3.specific graity:2.8-2.9,hardness :3.5-4.5

  4.It is nature product, will help adjust the PH and increase the Ca and Mg.


  1. Acid neutralization in the chemical industry

  2. Feed additive for livestock.

  3. Soil conditioner or pH buffer in horticulture.

  4. Source of magnesia (MgO).

  5.Dolomite is kind of soil conditioner fertilizer specially developed for golf course, sports turf, lawn.

  6.Widely used as the ingredient of paint, building and ceramics, filler of glass, refractory, metallurgy fusing

    agent, paper, rubber, also materials for water treatment.

Specification of Dolomite:
Item Specification
MgO 19.6%±0.5
CaO 30.14%±0.5
Fe2O3 0.04%±0.5
Al2O3 0.26%±0.5
SiO2 3.23%±0.5
Mesh  6-10, 10-20 , 20-40 , 40-80 , 80-120 , 140, 325 , 600 , 1000 



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