Landtop Chinese High Economical Driving Farming Agriculture 40hp 50hp 4WD Wheel Tractor for Sale

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Products Description

RS has the characteristics of high efficiency, reliability, excellent performance, comfortable driving, and easy operation. It adopts famous brand high-quality six-cylinder high pressure common rail WEICHAI engine, enhanced independent control 14-inch double-acting clutch, and the air filter adopts two-stage oil-paper filtering, which has good filtering effect and avoids early Wear. Equipped with three sets of hydraulic output devices, it can meet the requirements of folding rake, flip plow and other operations. The working status of the whole machine can be monitored at any time, and the data information management is convenient for timely maintenance of the vehicle.

Product Feature

▶Powerful & reliable
●Brand-name and high-quality six-cylinder high-pressure common rail engine is powerful and economical; two-stage filtering of oil and paper is adopted for air filter which has good filtering effect and avoids early wear.
●The enhanced independently controlled 14-inch double-acting clutch is made of high-end wear-resistant material with large torque reserve; the forced cooling lubrication can effectively prevent transmission system from high temperature, and greatly improve the reliability and service life of key parts such as gears and bearings.
●The rear axle drive housing is strengthened and enlarged, the transmission gear is optimized, the gear module is increased, and the chassis bearing capacity is improved to effectively avoid the gear clash.
The forced cooling lubrication can effectively prevent overheating of the transmission system, ensure the normal lubrication of key parts such as gears and bearings, guarantee the service life of seals and lubricating oil, and greatly improve the reliability of the transmission system.

Comfortable driving & easy operation
The shuttle shift is arranged above the instrument panel for more convenient operation.
●The clutch with hydraulic assistant is light, comfortable and reliable, thus effectively reduce the labor intensity; the drive system is designed specifically for noise reduction and off-gear avoidance.
●The streamlined hood designed by European professionals is beautiful, with wide vision and
excellent ventilation & heat dissipation.
●The luxurious air-conditioned cab (with skylight) is dustproof, noise-reducing and heat-insulating, which is equipped with adjustable steering wheel and air-suspending seat, bringing more comfortable driving experience.
●The working condition of the complete machine can be monitored by the intelligent Chinese display instrument at any time, and the data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud server to facilitate timely repair & maintenance of users based on the situation of vehicles.

Excellent performance and high operation efficiency
●Gear 16F+8R is equipped for the gearbox, which can be switched to the required working speed of various operations. Standard with pusher type lifting device with double oil cylinders with height limit, and electric lifter is optional to realize the comprehensive plowing depth adjustment of force and position.
●Three sets of hydraulic output is more adaptable, which can meet the requirements of folding harrow, reversible plow and other operations. The rear track is stepless adjustable to meet various agronomic requirements.

Upgraded items of the product
The diameter of butt screws has been changed from φ 12 to φ 14 to strengthen the connection between the gearbox and the rear axle.
The enlarged tank of 300L can support continuous operation throughout the day, improving the efficiency.
The opening angle of the hood is more than 45 degrees, and hood drawstring that can automatically shrink is added.

Product Paramenters

Overall dimension (length × width × height)
Minimum mass during operation
Minimum ground clearance
Engine emission
National Emission Standard III
Rated power
Fuel consumption rate
Cluth type
Double acting
Number of gears of the gearbox
16F + 8R 
Brake type
Wet and disc
Tyre size (front wheel / rear wheel)
Type of hydraulic lifting system
Split type
Maximum lifting capacity
Tillage control method
Position control, floating control, electronic lift control system is optional
Maximum flow rate of hydraulic output
Hydraulic output multiway valve
2 sets of hydraulic output, and 3 sets of hydraulic output is optional
Hydraulic hitch
Three-point rear suspension, Type I
Traction force
Power output speed
760/850, optional 540/1000, 540/760r/min
Safety shelf or cab
Air - conditioned cab

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