Японское питание красочный Овощной Ланч 7 месяцев wakodo Детская сумка детская еда

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Products Description

Wakodo Nutrition Marche Colorful Vegetable Baby Lunch 7 months

Product introduction
This is the ""Nutrition Marche"" series, which takes care of a well-balanced diet instead of busy moms. A convenient cup type that does not require a plate. The container can be used as tableware as it is, and it also comes with a disposable spoon, making it convenient for going out. Assortment of ""soft chicken porridge"" and ""colored vegetable soup bowl"" from around 7 months.

How to use
How to use As it is already cooked, you can enjoy it as it is without warming it. When heating in the microwave 1 Remove the lid seal of the container completely. Heat at 2500 ~ 600W (do not use more than 600W).

Note (Disclaimer)> Please be sure to read
Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. Please do not give leftover food or leftover food. The age of the moon is a guide. Let's proceed step by step without rushing. Talk to a specialist about how to wean. Do not give your child a spoon. The spoon is disposable. If stored in a cool place, the contents may become white or hard, but there is no problem with the quality.

Brand Name
Place of Origin
2500 ~ 600W

Company Profile

LANDY Co., Ltd. is a company that makes people all over the world "smile" through globalization. Our main business is the wholesaling and exporting of daily necessities such as medicines, foods, beverages, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, daily necessities, babies, toys, and cigarettes. With the firm and enterprising spirit and the free and vigorous corporate culture, we provide optimal solutions flexibly and promptly, and co-create the lasting development of international society and the happiness of our employees.

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